Current Summer Scholarship Recipients

Catron Scholarship for Artistic Development Recipients

Aditi Gadre
Christian Weber
Colleen Swingle
Kate Fleming
Katie Wood
Laura Manzano

Charles Center Summer Scholarship Recipients

Lorraine Archibald, Charles Center Scholarship
Sustainable Economics, Cultural Preservation, Indigenous Inequality and Ethnic Conflict-Resolution in Lima, Peru 

Patricia Austria, Charles Center Scholarship

Implementing Frontline to prevent Typhoon Disasters in the Philippines 

Sarah Bornbusch, Charles Center Scholarship 
Determining the Evolutionary History of Eusocial Community Organization in the Caribbean Shrimp Genus Synalpheus by Exploring Reproductive Patterns 

Brian Brewington, Charles Center Scholarship 
Racial Bias and the Familiarity Hypothesis 

Gregory Callaghan, Charles Center Scholarship 
Pillars of Propaganda: Pre-Augustan Propaganda in Sacred Space 

Joseph Carnazza, Charles Center Scholarship
Off-Balance Sheet Arrangements and the Transparency of Corporate Financial Reports 

Daniel Casey, Chappell Fellowship
Conquering King Coal 

Sophia Cohen, Chappell Fellowship 
 Research on Angelman Syndrome 

Laura Crespo, Charles Center Scholarship 
Relation of Parental Socialization to Children's Emotional Management Skills 

Max Cunningham , Charles Center Scholarship 
The Contribution of Weathering to Bedrock Channel Evolution 

Katherine Demeria , Charles Center Scholarship
 The Modern Faerie: Contemporary Irish Culture in Relation to a Mythological Background

Jacqueline Filzen, Lemon Project Scholarship
Jill Found , Charles Center Scholarship 
Exhibiting Slavery: How Plantation Museums in Virginia Represent Slavery 

Jaclyn Goldschmidt , Charles Center Scholarship 
Venezuelan Development Cooperation 

Lauren Greene, Charles Center Scholarship 
Little Ambassadors: Fashion Dolls and the Dissemination of Fashion in England 

Reland Happel , Charles Center Scholarship 
An Animal Model of Bullying: Exploratory Development 

Maegan Jones , Charles Center Scholarship 
How Parental Messages Regarding Body Image and Eating Affect Girls' Feelings About Their Own Bodies 

Benjamin Kirby , Charles Center Scholarship 
The Origin of Barbadian Ceramics 

Yikfei Ko, Charles Center Scholarship 
A Comparative Study of Industrial Finance in Britain Between 1750-1830, and in Austria Between 1850 and 1914, with Germany as Secondary Reference  

Max Lander, Charles Center Scholarship 
Cultural Connections to Food Security and Local Food Networks: A Case Study of a Township in Cape Town, South Africa 

Nancy Lauer, Charles Center Scholarship 
The Potential of Socium-22 as an Indicator of the Residence Time of Surface and Subsurface Freshwater 

Glencora Maccubbin, Charles Center Scholarship 
Death at Jamestown: A Geochemical Analysis of Drinking Water 

Sarah Marcellin, Lemon Project Scholarship

Hannah Mayhew , Chappell Fellowship 
Rediscovering the Arts and Conservation  

Xiuyuan Mi, Charles Center Scholarship 
A Political Perspective of Poetry by the 9th Century Chinese Romantic Poet Li Shang-yin 

Blakely Mulder , Chappell Fellowship
The Interaction between Disgust Sensitivity and Implicit Reaction to Homosexuality 

Hallie Nelson, Llanso-Sherman Scholarship
Research on the Thyroid Hormone Receptor (TR)

Sean Norris , Charles Center Scholarship 
The Effect of Government Institutions on Post-Conflict Bosnia-Herzogovinian EconomicDevelopment 

Alana Ogata , Charles Center Scholarship
Analyzing the Efficiency of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells using Single Molecule Spectroscopy 

Sonja Paviour, Charles Center Scholarship
Translating Cuban Film: A Project in Cultural Mediation 

Oliver Phillips , Charles Center Scholarship
Adolescence as a Unique Period of Vulnerability to Environmental Stressors: Nicotine Exposure Effects on Adolescent versus Adult Anxiety Utilizing the Light Enhanced Startle Paradigm 

Michelle Repper, Charles Center Scholarship
Divisions Dissolved, Conversations and Convergences Revealed: Amrita Sher-Gil and Global Modernism 

Jeff Rohde, Christian-Ewell Scholarship
Geo-Spatial Data Collection within Esfuerzo de Paraiso 

Emma Rudebusch, Charles Center Scholarship 

Chelsea Ryan, Kraemer European Study Abroad Scholarship 

Samuel Sessou, Chappell Fellowship 
Investigation of the Mutation Rate of the arsS poly-C Region in Heliobacter pylori 

Desmarie Sherwood, Charles Center Scholarship
Synthesizing Rhodamine Dye Derivative to Act as Metal Ion Senors 

Charles Shobe, Charles Center Scholarship 

Ruoyan Sun, Charles Center Scholarship
Kinetics of Jobs in Multilink Cities with Migration-Driven Aggregation Process 

Sarah Young, Charles Center Scholarship
Utilizing GIS to Study Concentrated Flow Off Agricultural Fields in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed