2010 Summer Scholarship Recipents

The decisions of the selection committees are final.  Awarding of funds is contingent upon the necessary approvals (such as PHSC), when necessary.

Biomath Scholarships
  • Yong Hwan Kim: Evaluating the Role of Microglia-mediated Brain Inflammatory Response in Pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease Through Computational Modeling
  • Matthew Peppe: Regulation of Calcium Ion diffusion in cells
  • Ruoyan Sun: Global Stability of Multigroup Epidemic Model with Group Mixing and Nonlinear Incidence Rates
Chappell Fellowships

Committee members reviewed 31 applications; recipients listed with their respective advisors in parentheses.

  • Devin Braun (Brent Kaup):  
  • Molly Copeland (David Aday): Communication Structures and Community Health in Cuje, Nicaragua
  • Harry Gao (Qun Li): Online Social Networking
  • Dana Hardbower (Kurt Williamson): The Temporal Dynamics of Bacterial Assemblages in Lake Matoaka
  • Jacob Lassin (Sasha Prokhorov): Oral History of Women Activists in Russia
  • Jennifer Saunders (Neil Norman): Africatown in Mobile, Alabama
  • Aniko Toth (Jonathan Micancin): Southern Cricket Frogs (Acris gryllus) in Virginia: the enigmatic decline continues?
Charles Center International Research Scholarships

Committee members reviewed 54 applications

  • Ishita Ahmed: Efficacies of Education Incentive Interventions in Improving Child Welfare in Bangladesh
  • Brittany Fallon: Toward a Greater Enrichment: The Importance of Natural Context, Stability, and Collaboration in Captive Primate Welfare
  • Benjamin Gullickson: American Investment in China: How Business Culture Affects Market Entry
  • Jennifer Joyce: Hanged Harpers and Incinerated Instruments
  • Morrison Mast: Conservation Ethics in Coastal Communities: A Survey of the Work of TAMAR
  • Khristopher Nguyen
  • Barry O'Keefe: Art and Oral History in Russia
  • Anushya Ramaswamy: South Korean Education
  • Mariangela Schneider: Division between migrants and urbanites in Shahe, Beijing
  • Austin Strange: Energy Policy in China
Charles Center US Research Scholarships

Committee members reviewed 30 applications

  • Anne Armstrong: Testing the consequences of environmentally induced multiples in the sand dollar Echinarachnius parma
  • Amir Arsalan: Conditioned taste aversion following social transmission of food preferences
  • Matthew Badgett: The Function of Proteins in the Development of Germline Stem Cells in Fruit Flies
  • Amber Bruce: The Alternative Splicing of Pax5 and the Immune Response in Spawning Teleost Fish
  • Chelsea Estancona: War on Terrorism
  • Rebeca Garcia: From Buffy to Twilight: an analysis of teen vampire culture over the past decade
  • John Haight: Mechanisms of ingroup-outgroup discrimination
  • Irene Morrison-Moncure: Many Roads to Rome: Investigating the Motivations of Latin Students in the 21st Century
  • Arati Pudasaini: Long-term deficits in hippocampus-dependent learning in animal model of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
  • Nick Wamsley: The authenticity of works attributed to J. Palin Thorley
  • Mason Watson: T. E. Lawrence and the revolution in British military thought, 1918-1939
  • Courtney Wickel: Effects of an invasive aquatic plant, Hydrilla verticillata, on secondary production in the tidal freshwater SAV habitats of the lower Chesapeake Bay estuaries
Chloe Louis Memorial Scholarship
  • Casey Lesser: The Healing of a Nation: Picasso's Guernica in Post-Civil War Spain
Christian-Ewell Scholarship
  • Andrew Squires: The impact of a non-governmental organization on the lives of Peruvian brazil nut harvesters
Christopher Wren Scholarship for Research in the Humanities
  • Mel Sparrow: Cornish Mythic Traditions
Cummings Scholarships

Committee members reviewed 11 applications

  • Kacie Burke: The Effect of Satiety on Infants' Acceptance of Foods
  • Krysten Corzo: Inquiry into the Duration of Infectivity of Bacteriophage in Soil
  • Sarah Son: Flavor-Taste/Flavor-Calorie Conditioning in Children
  • Christopher Sowers: Effect of Adolescent Nicotine Exposure on the Brain: Test of a Hippocampus-As-Circuit Hypothesis for Spatial Navigation
  • Nora Wicks: Avian Community Response to the Human Footprint in Upland and Riparian Habitats
Dintersmith & Honors Fellowships
  • Brent Bickings: Ancient Synagogues as Indicators of the Nature and Extent of Jewish-Gentile Interaction in the Roman Empire
  • Brittney Calloway: Exploring Effective Discipline Strategies for Middle Schools
  • Elena Carey: A Grid of Meaning: The Significance of Zoning in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Amy Clinger: An Ethnography and Exploration of the Social Marginalization and Stigmatization of Unwed Single Mothers in Rabat, Morocco
  • Brian Focarino: The Language of Consumerism: What the Doctrine of Foreign Equivalents tells us about foreign language assumptions in trademark law
  • Meredith Howard: Uncovering Codice L. 3: A Cultural, Legal and Religious Examination of the Zugarramurdi Witch-Hunts, 1609-1612 
  • Dolores Huberts: The genetics and genomics of inter- and intra- population variations in disease rates: a look at the interplay between ancestral continent of origin, sex, genes and differential expression
  • Sam McVane: The Bare Necessities: Ancient Eastern Ascetics in Western Literature
  • Sean Moran: The Paleoecology, Taphonomy, and Depositional Environment of Microvertebrate Accumulations in the Cloverly Formation (Early Cretaceous, WY)
  • Benjamin Norris: An American Troubadour: The Career and Role of Alfred Kreymborg
  • Michael Smith: Haussmann's Political Promenades: A Literary History of the Reconstruction of Paris
  • Jean Paul Wallace: Constructing a classical guitar with interchangable fret-boards 
Grimsley Journalism Fellowship
  • Todd Corillo
Harriett Mayor Fulbright Scholarship
  • Anna Mahalak: Non-violent Communication in Youth Educational Programming
Irwin and Taylor Scholarships for Public Affairs Internships - Application review starts April 23
James B. Reilly Undergraduate Summer Scholarship
  • Stephen Lendway: The impact of the VA restructuring act of 2005 on the financing of higher education in VA
Kraemer Scholarships for Study in the British Isles
  • Steven Linnett - summer study at the London School of Economics and Political Science
Llanso-Sherman Scholarship for Pre-Medical Research
  • Jeffrey Holloman (Oliver Kerscher): Targeting SUMO protease Ulp1 to its substrates
Nathan P. Jacobs Scholarships for Study, Travel, or Research in Israel
  • Brent Bickings: Ancient Synagogues as Indicators of the Nature and Extent of Jewish-Gentile Interaction in the Roman Empire
Schroeder Center Research Fellowships 
  • Ashley Ingram / Melissa McInerney, advisor: An economic study of how macroeconomic conditions differently affect people of different socioeconomic classes
  • Eytan Jankowitz / Daifeng He, advisor: Analyzing changes in Medicare legislation and their impacts
Tang Scholarship
  • Michael Cohen: Tribe-state relations in Iraq from 1991 to 2006
Sharpe Scholarships
  • Evette Becker
  • Lindsey Carver
  • Daniel Hiller
  • Anna Mahalak
  • William Morris
  • Anna Morris
  • Joanna Weeks
Virginia Crouch Memorial Scholarship
  • Caroline Morris