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Task Force Subcommittees

Campus Climate

The charge of this subcommittee is to review campus-wide survey data to assess the scope of the problem of race and race relations on our campus, to understand the level of awareness of campus reporting and resources for responding, and to engage any related issues that can guide institutional decision-making. Several focus groups and a town hall meeting on the topic will be offered to the campus in the fall. The task force’s report should include significant findings as well as related recommendations.

Prevention and Education

The charge of this subcommittee is to assess the effectiveness of our current programs and outreach to educate the campus community (undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff and parents) about race and race relations. The task force's report should include recommendations for more effective prevention and education.

Recruitment of Diverse Faculty and Senior Administration

The charge of this subcommittee is to explore best practices and for recruiting and retaining a more diverse instructional faculty and senior administrators. The task force's report should include recommendations for institutional direction, proven practices in recruitment and retention, and a skeleton plan of how this might be accomplished. Work with the Climate, and Prevention/Education subcommittees will be important to gather data.

Bias Reporting and Incident Protocol

Within the context of compliance obligations and the university’s goals of prompt and equitable response to complaints, the charge of this subcommittee is to examine our current practices and procedures for reporting and responding to incidents of bias. The task force should make recommendations regarding how to educate the campus on the current process and/or make suggestions for how the reporting system could be enhanced. Additionally, the committee should recommend appropriate campus responses to reported incidents and anonymous incidents.