2009 - 2010

Per the PPFA Bylaws, the current PPFA President serves as an ex officio member of each committee. For details on standing committees, see Bylaws, Article II.

Standing Committees
Academic Issues Committee

Pamela Mason, Chair
Kia Butts
Dave Gilbert
Elaine McBeth
Steve Sechrist
Cory Springer

Elections Committee

Ilsa Kaattari, Chair
Judy Corello
Maria Elena Pada

Policies and Administrative Issues Committee

Dot Osborne, Chair
German Mendez
Lisa Grimes
Wendy Livingston
Kim Chandler

Technology Committee

Bobby Reis, Chair
Benji Djeukeng
German Mendez
Newton Munson
Maria Elena Pada

Ad Hoc Committees
Communications Ad Hoc Committee

Lee Foster, Chair
Judy Corello
John Wallace
Brian Whitson
Hope Yelich

Professionals & Professional Faculty Handbook Ad Hoc Committee

Lisa Grimes, Chair
Wayne Boy
Kiersten Boyce
Steve Cole
Elaine McBeth
Lynn Riggs
Wendy Webb-Robers

Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee

Tom Rideout, Chair
Wayne Boy
Nancy Buchanan
Kathy Butuceanu
Judy Corello
Jennifer Latour
Elaine McBeth (Planning Steering Committee, Challenge 4 Subcommittee)
Dot Osborne
Pat Van Zandt (Planning Steering Committee, Challenge 1 Subcommittee)