Goals & Objectives 2017-2018


  • Revisit bylaws to make suggestions for an amendment to alter the current membership terms.
  • In the late fall, 2017, begin the recruiting process to elect seven new members
  • Host election in April, 2018
  • Network within PPF to coordinate professional development opportunities and/or departmental awareness sessions.
  • Host at least one social event for PPF’s.

 Professional Development

  • Conduct a needs assessment for training and professional development
    • Use needs assessment to examine the creation of a Manager’s Institute, etc.
  • Identify marketing opportunities for training and professional development
  • Develop greater awareness of the components of Cornerstone (i.e. marketing, training, resource webpage, etc.)
Academic Issues
  • How is Human Resources defining Professional versus Professional Faculty?
  • Who is determining which merit pool and the application of merit for professionals?