Goals & Objectives 2013-2014

Performance Planning & Evaluation – Long-term Professional Development

Based on results from FY13's surveys of all professionals and professional faculty and their supervisors to learn how the performance planning and evaluation process works, the PPFA identified long-term professional development as a key area needing training and communication. A new PPFA Professional Development standing committee was approved, May 2014.

Performance Planning & Evaluation Policy

PPFA representatives met with Provost Michael Halleran in March 2014 to discuss the proposed updates. 

Professionals and Professional Faculty Representation on Strategic Planning and College-Wide Committees

The PPFA's Policies & Administrative Issues Committee assessed PPF representation on these College committees and submitted a report to the PPFA.

General Meeting of Professionals and Professional Faculty

Held November 14, 2013, with round-table discussions about training, personnel benefits and parking.

PPFA Technology and Communication Plans

These internal PPFA plans (the first to delineate how the PPFA uses technology, such as its webpages and listservs; the second to specify how the PPFA communicates internally and externally) were completed and approved.

Facebook webpage

A PPFA Facebook webpage was launched.

Employee Appreciation

Members of the PPFA continued to serve on the College's Employee Appreciation Committee which reviewed best methods to offer employee appreciate events, awards and staff training.

Guests at PPFA regular meetings

July 10, 2013:  

  • Anna Martin, Vice President for Administration, and Don Challis, Chief of Police, about the College's threat management program.

September 4, 2013:

  • Ron Price, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, re employee appreciation plans.

October 9, 2013:

  • Michael Halleran, Provost, re the professionals/professional faculty category of staff, employee appreciation and professional development.

March 5, 2014:

  • Iyabo Osiapem, President of W&M's Non-Tenure Eligible group, spoke about the NTE faculty's efforts to be recognized and included in the Faculty Assembly.