PPFA Goals 2011-2012

Leadership & Engagement
1.  Leadership development

Develop leaders within the PPFA to assume organizational and project leadership roles.
W&M Strategic Plan - Challenge 5 [Goal 1]

  • Develop a plan and present to the PPFA by December 31, 2011.  Achieved.
  • Implement the plan by January 31, 2011.  Partially achieved: current PPFA members were encouraged (via several communications by emails and at PPFA meetings) to self-identify if they were interested in future leadership roles (as officers, committee chairs, project chairs, etc.).  No one self-identified.
  • Recruit at least 5 new PPFA nominees for the Spring 2012 elections who want to assume leadership roles.  Partially achieved:  the officers have met to discuss and have identified possible officer candidates from within the current ranks, and strong efforts were made by PPFA members, especially the Membership Committee, to recruit new members.  Eight new members were elected in May 2012, with several having leadership experience in other campus organizations.  Officers met in June 2012 to discuss possible VP and Secretary candidates; incoming President Gatling will begin contacting these members to encourage them to put their names forth as officer candidates.
  • Have at least 2 candidates for each officer and committee chair vacancy in Summer 2012.  To be determined.  Once the new officers are elected (July 25, 2012), they will meet to select committee chairs.

Participate in leadership, governance and service opportunities. During 2011-2012:

  • PPFA president Mary Molineux, by nature of the president’s position, served on the:
    • W&M Strategic Planning Steering Team
    • W&M Strategic Planning’s Challenge 6 (Communications) Subcommittee
    • Provost’s Third-Year Review Advisory Committee
    • Duke Award Committee
    • Provost’s Breakfast Group (two representatives from each of five campus staff organizations); in addition, this group met with each of the five Dean of Arts & Sciences candidates.
    • ...and as the Staff Representative to the W&M Board of Visitors (a position that alternates each year between the PPFA and the Staff Assembly).
  • Other PPFA members who served on College committees:
    • Pamela Mason, W&M Strategic Planning’s Challenge 2 (Diversity) Subcommittee
    • Wendy Webb-Robers, W&M Strategic Planning’s Challenge 2 (Diversity) Subcommittee
    • Elaine McBeth, W&M Strategic Planning’s Challenge 4 (Financial Model)
    • Tina Coleman, , W&M Strategic Planning’s Challenge 6 (Communications)
2. Survey of Professionals & Professional Faculty

Investigate conducting a survey of PPFs to gather climate and other data that will inform the PPFA’s work.
W&M Strategic Plan - Challenges 2 [Goals 2, 3], 3 [Goals 1, 2] and 5 [Goal 1]

    • Discuss our purpose and goals with W&M survey experts to help us design the most effective and efficient survey instrument by November 15, 2011.   Achieved:  the PPFA discussed options for re-surveying with the 2010 Employee Climate Survey questions (because of the data error in that survey for PPFS; using only some of those questions; or developing a separate survey, specifically on performance planning and evaluation.  The latter was chosen as the most effective way to achieve our objectives of focusing on an issue that could then be improved.
    • Draft the survey questions by November 30, 2011.  Achieved for first survey.
    • Obtain Provost’s review and approval by December 31, 2011.   Achieved to a point; Provost agreed that we could proceed with the survey.
    • Obtain "human subjects" authorization by January 15, 2012.  Not applicable.
    • Draft and test the survey by January 31, 2012.  Achieved, with 14 PPFA members taking the test survey and providing feedback.
    • Distribute survey by February 28, 2012.  The PPFA learned that Human Resources and the Provost’s Office would be offering performance planning & evaluation training in February, so we postponed distribution of the survey until June, after the evaluation cycle would be complete.
    • Develop a parallel survey for supervisors of PPFs:  Achieved in June 2012, with PPFA members Lesley Atkinson and Mary Molineux drafting it, the Policies & Administrative Issues Committee reviewing it, and plans to package it in Qualtrics and get final Provost’s review and approval to distribute both surveys to PPFs and their supervisors by July 31, 2012.
    • Tally results and report by August 31, 2012.  To be determined.
      3.  General Meeting

      Engage professionals and professional faculty in university-wide issues.
      W&M Strategic Plan - Challenges 2 [Goals 2, 3], 3 [Goals 1, 2] and 5 [Goal 1]

        • Hold at least one general meeting of all PPFs: Spring 2012.  The PPFA, and its Executive Committee, held several discussions about holding a general  meeting and had hoped to have as its focus the results of the performance planning & evaluation survey (as above).  But with the postponement of the survey, and with no other pressing reason to hold a general meeting, the PPFA decided to wait until fall 2012 for a general PPF meeting.
        Administrative Issues
        1. Performance Planning & Evaluation Policy

        Improve the performance planning and evaluation process for professionals and professional faculty.
        W&M Strategic Plan - Challenges 2 [Goal 2], 3 [Goals 1, 2] and 5 [Goal 1]

        A.  Review the policy to clarify issues and look for ways to improve and streamline:

        • Discuss project with the Provost by November 30, 2011.  Achieved.  Several discussions held during fall and spring.
        • Conduct a preliminary review of the current policy and research other performance planning & evaluation policies by December 31, 2011.  Preliminary review achieved, with major recommendations identified and presented informally to the Provost. 
        • Conduct a survey of W&M professionals and professional faculty to gather data of performance planning and evaluation practices by January 31, 2012.  A survey was created, reviewed, and approved by the PPFA.  However, when the Provost’s Office and Human Resources announced training sessions for February 2012, the PPFA decided to postpone administration of the survey until June. 
        • Research policies at other institutions (academic and/or corporate) to try to find examples of flexible models that (1) accomplish the goals and strategic mission of the institution; (2) produce measurable results for the employer, employee and institution by February 28, 2012.
        • Propose revisions to the current policy to the PPFA by August 31, 2012.  The original plan to recommend minor improvements to the policy – a few clarifications and edits – as the Policies & Administrative Issues Committee continued work, and with the assistance of W&M Compliance Officer Kiersten Boyce, it was determined that the policy might be rewritten to be substantially streamlined.  The content of the policy would be remain the same, just repetition eliminated..
        • Propose revisions to the current policy to the Provost by September 30, 2012.  This extended deadline will allow for incorporating information learned from the summer surveys into any proposed changes in the policy.

        B.  Training:  coordinate training sessions in the performance planning and evaluation policy and procedures, both to improve the process and to learn how the policy might be improved.

        • Discuss with vested parties (Provost and Provost’s Executive Assistant; Human Resources) and establish a team by November 30, 2011.  Partially achieved.  In summer/early fall 2011,  training was discussed with the Provost, Provost’s Executive Assistant, and two representatives from Human Resources (Training & Development Director Mongold –a PPFA member – and Hunt), and the PPFA received approval from the Provost to proceed.  We proceeded with drafting the survey (see above).  Then the Provost’s Office and Human Resources organized training sessions in mid-February about the policy, so the PPFA delayed the survey and training initiatives.  Those mid-February workshops:  6 workshops (4 on main campus; 2 on VIMS campus), with a total of 49 attendees (not all attendees were PPFs or PPF supervisors – some were HR staff observers or other staff who managed the performance planning paperwork for their departments).
          Academic Issues
          1. Tuition waivers for part-time employees

          Research and propose tuition waivers for W&M part-time employees.
          W&M Strategic Plan - Challenges 3 [Goals 1, 2] and 5 [Goal 1]

          • Propose project idea to the Provost for approval by November 30, 2011.  Achieved.
          • Gather data on numbers of all W&M employees who use the tuition waivers by November 30, 2011.  Achieved.
          • Determine the type of criteria with Human Resources that would apply to the part-time employees by December 31, 2011.  Achieved.
          • Benchmark other academic peer institutions’ policies regarding part-time tuition benefits by March 31, 2012.  Achieved.
          • Benchmark other athletic peer institutions’ policies regarding part-time tuition benefits by March 31, 2012.  Achieved.
          • Coordinate with Staff Assembly and Faculty Assembly by April 30, 2012.  Achieved.
          • Draft proposal for new policy by March 31, 2012.  Achieved.
          • Present to PPFA by April 30, 2012.  Achieved.
          • Submit proposal to the Provost by May 30, 2012.  Achieved.
            1. Communication

            Ensure that all PPFA members and all PPFs receive timely, accurate and complete information as needed; ensure that the college community is informed about PPFA and PPF initiatives and accomplishments.
            W&M Strategic Plan - Challenges 3 [Goals 1, 2], 5 [Goal 1] and 6 [Goals 1, 3]

            • Promote communication to and about professionals and professional faculty: develop and implement ways to feature the PPFA and PPFs, such as news stories, events, hot topics, etc., by November 30, 2011.  Achieved.
            • Communications Plan: write a plan that covers the PPFA’s communications policies and procedures, including types of communication, frequency, etc.; review this plan annually to ensure effectiveness and currency by August 31, 2012. In progress.
            • Technology Plan: write a plan that covers the PPFA’s technology policies and procedures, including the PPFA’s website, Blackboard course page, listservs, email, etc.; review this plan annually to ensure effectiveness and currency by August 31, 2012. In progress.
            1.  Partnership Program for newly hired PPFs on the W&M campus

            In collaboration with the Staff Assembly Membership Chair, coordinate this program to welcome new professionals and professional faculty/staff to the W&M and VIMS community.
            W&M Strategic Plan - Challenges 2 [Goal 2], 3 [Goals 1, 2] and 5 [Goal 1]

            • Develop a program management plan which includes the assessment process for evaluating the program, by September 30, 2011.   Achieved.
            • Develop training and orientation documents (e.g., topics volunteers should cover) by December 31, 2011.  Achieved.
            • Gain college administration approval by March 31, 2012.  Achieved.
            • Recruit and train the staff "partners" by June 30, 2012.  Achieved.
            • Implement Partnership Program by June 30, 2012.  Achieved.  6 "matches" in progress as of 7/1/2012.
            • Report to the PPFA on a quarterly basis on the progress of the program.  Ongoing.
            • Assess the program at least annually.  Due in Spring 2013.
            2.  Forums/Networking

            Hold topic forums combined with social gatherings to inform PPFs and promote networking.
            W&M Strategic Plan - Challenges 3 [Goals 1, 2], 5 [Goal 1] and 6 [Goal 3]

            • Hold at least one forum by February 28, 2012. Not achieved. The workload of other projects and the departure of the Membership Committee chair were factors.
            3.  PPFA elections

            Manage Assembly elections including recruitment of nominations to ensure diverse representation and election procedures as outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws; maintain written records of election results; annually review and, if needed, recommend revisions to election procedures; assist with onboarding of newly elected members.
            W&M Strategic Plan - Challenges 2 [Goals 2, 3], 3 [Goals 1, 2] and 5 [Goal 1]

            • Recruitment:  work with PPFA Committees to identify ways to include more PPFs on the committees.  Partially achieved:  two PPFs who were not PPFA elected members served on PPFA committees.
            • Elections:  conduct elections, per the Bylaws:  March – June 2012. Achieved, with very good success:  15 strong candidates for 10 vacancies.  Eight new members elected, two incumbents re-elected. The election process worked smoothly, with the need to have better written policies and procedures re-identified (as in the next objective).
            • Election policies and procedures:  write policies and procedures for nominations and elections by August 31, 2012.    In progress.