PPFA Goals 2010-2011

I.  Represent W&M’s Professionals & Professional Faculty

PPFA Officers/Executive Committee and designees 

A.  College Administration:  meet and/or communicate with the President, Provost, relevant Vice Presidents and other administrators, and the Board of Visitors at least annually.   

Objectives & Reports: 
  • President, Provost, relevant other administrators.    Several meetings held with the Provost; meeting with VP Golden.
  • Board of Visitors - objectives include:         Report TBA.
    • Annual presentation about PPFA goals and achievements.
    • Attend relevant meetings; serve alternating years (with the Staff Assembly) as the staff seat to the BOV; distribute reports of those BOV meetings to all staff.
    • Proposal for BOV liaison to PPFA. 
    • Work with the Staff Assembly to propose a Code of Virginia change that includes provision for a staff representative on Boards of Visitors.

B.  Other Staff Organizations:  maintain communications with the Faculty Assembly, Staff Assembly, and other W&M staff organizations.   

Objectives & Reports:
  • Faculty Assembly.  Report TBA.
  • Staff Assembly.   Report TBA.
  • Strategic Planning Steering Committee.   President Mendez attended meetings.
  • Faculty University Priorities Committee.  President Mendez attended meetings.
  • Provost’s Breakfast Group.   Molineux coordinated the four 2010-11 events, which includes two representatives each from the PPFA, Staff Assembly, Black Faculty & Staff Forum, EqualityWM , and Women’s Network.

C.  College Committees and Liaison to Human Resources:  ensure that professionals and professional faculty are represented on each relevant college committee (e.g., by developing a chart, identifying Professionals and professional faculty, asking for reports from those Professionals and professional faculty).

Objectives & Reports:
  • Committee representation:  develop a database of PPF representation on college committees.  Report TBA.
  • Human Resources liaison:   PPFA Vice President Pada has served on the W&M HR Training & Development Advisory Committee.

D.  College Events:  represent professionals and professional faculty at Charter Day, Legislative Day, Commencement, etc.

Objectives & Reports:
  • Report TBD.
II.   Policies and Administrative Issues 

PPFA Officers/Executive Committee and PPFA Policies & Administrative Issues Committee

A.  Personnel Policies:  review and provide input for policies that affect professionals and professional faculty; ensure that all policies for professionals and professional faculty are completed and up-to-date; maintain and update the PPF Handbook.

Objectives & Reports:
  • Review and provide feedback on pending policies:  PPFA had input on the Classification, Leave, and Leave Share Policies.  The two leave policies have been approved and are linked to the PPF Handbook (March 2011).  The Provost is checking on the status of the Classification Policy (March 2011). 
  • Draft a disciplinary action policy and procedures document that would complement the Appointments & Terminations, Performance Planning & Evaluation, and Grievance policies, giving additional details about how supervisors and employees would work through work problems.  Report TBD. 

B.  New Policies and Issues:  identify new policies and issues that will affect professionals and professional faculty and/or the College; research and write drafts/provide input as appropriate.

Objectives & Reports:
  • Service-Governance Component:  develop and submit a Service-Governance Proposal for all professionals and professional faculty to have a component in their job descriptions and evaluations, akin to that of instructional faculty.   Service-Governance Proposal:  proposal drafted and approved by the PPFA , Fall 2010; submitted to the Provost, March 28, 2011.
  • Background Checks Policy for Instructional Faculty and Professionals/Professional Faculty:  PPFA President Mendez served on a task force to design a policy for background checks for PPFs and instructional faculty. The draft policy was made available for the full PPFA to review, March 2011.
  • W&M business innovation:  contribute ideas to the W&M effort to identity efficiencies.  Vice President Golden attended the PPFA’s January 2011 meeting; PPFA discussed ideas and members submitted these to PPFA President Mendez, who forwarded them to VP Golden.
  • Number of Staffper December 2010 PPFA minutes, gather data to compare staffing levels at W&M peer institutions.   Molineux and Ridley-McCoy researching this data.
  • Tuition waiver:  per April 2011 meeting, research and write a proposal for tuition waiver so that part-time/hourly staff can have the same tuition benefit as full-time staff (current policy at http://www.wm.edu/offices/hr/benefits-all/other/tuitionwaiver/); consider option of proposing tuition waiver/reimbursement for classes taken at neighboring universities.   Task Force assigned April 27, 2011:  Pamela Mason, chair; Peel Hawthorne; Cory Springer.  Background material (2007 and 2010 Employee Survey data and Restructuring Employees Advisory Committee report; Staff Assembly and Faculty Assembly input) sent to task force by Molineux, 4/27/2011.

C. Awareness and Expertise:  increase PPFA members and PPFs’ awareness of/expertise in policies and issues, including personnel and administrative policies; academic issues such as larger student body, honor code review, curriculum review; technology issues; etc.

Objectives & Reports:
  • Policies & Issues Expertise (PIE) project begun in FY2010 for personnel policies:  complete the PIE reports.   Report TBD. 
  • W&M Strategic Plan:  monitor relevant (policies and administrative policies) portions of the W&M Strategic Plan.   Report TBD. 
  • Data bank: for planning purposes, identify and organize data about professionals and professional faculty -- e.g., numbers of employees, salary comparisons, benefit comparisons, etc.   Report TBD. 
  • Communicate and solicit feedback from all professionals and professional faculty regarding relevant policies and issues.   Report TBD. 
  • Membership on college academic committees:  monitor PPF membership on college-wide administrative committees; engage these PPFs (ask them to report to the PPFA, etc.). 

D.  PPFA Constitution and Bylaws: review these documents annually and submit recommendations for amendments.

Objectives & Reports:
  • Constitution and Bylaws review:  FY2010 and FY2011 PPFA Policies & Administrative Issues Committee reviewed, identified several amendments; PPFA reviewed and approved; Provost reviewed and approved, March 28, 2011.  Next steps:  amendments will be submitted to full PPF group in May 2011 election. 
III.   Academic Issues 

PPFA Academic Issues Committee  

A.  Academic Issues:  monitor academic issues relevant to professionals and professional faculty, such as those being addressed by the various schools, Provost’s Office, and Faculty Assembly.  Steps include:   

  • Coordinate with the Staff Assembly and other staff organizations if issues are also relevant to those groups.
  • Gather information:  conduct research, surveys, focus groups, and information sessions.
  • Report and communicate:  write and disseminate reports to keep the PPFA and all PPFs informed.
  • Propose:  draft proposed resolutions, as needed. 
Objectives & Reports:
  • Current academic issues (2010-2011) include:
    • Additional students added to incoming classes
    • Honor Code review
    • Curriculum review
  • Membership on college academic committees:  monitor PPF membership on college-wide academic committees; engage these PPFs (ask them to report to the PPFA, etc.).
IV.  Membership

PPFA Executive Committee / PPFA Elections Committee   [future name:  PPFA Membership Committee] 

A.   PPFA Engagement:  ensure that PPFA members have the opportunity to contribute the necessary time and work to the PPFA to guarantee the organization’s effectiveness and success.

Objectives & Reports:
  • Participation/Engagement:  draft a separate policy/procedures document that will propose guidelines for PPFA meeting attendance and other participation.   Completed:  the PPFA Policies & Administrative Issues Committee drafted guidelines, which were approved May 2011 by the PPFA and posted on the PPFA website. 
  • Orientations:  hold orientations for newly-elected PPFA members .   Completed:  three new 2011-11 members received an orientation from the PPFA President and Vice-President.  
  • Training:  hold training for PPFA members to improve the organization.   PPFA retreat was held to identify needs to improve the organization, conducted by Prof. Megan Tschannen-Moran (School of Education), July 2010.   

B.  PPF Engagement:   increase the opportunities for professionals and professional faculty to participate in college service and governance and increase networking and collegiality. 

Objectives & Reports:
  • Service-Governance Component:  see II.B above
  • Employee survey:  draft a response to the 2010 W&M Employee Survey (which contained significant data errors for professionals and professional faculty).     PPFA’s Policies and Administrative Issues Committee drafted a response in the form of a proposal with a recommendation to conduct that survey again or devise our own.  The PPFA approved the proposal, and the PPFA Executive Committee submitted it to the Provost, March 28, 2011, Awaiting response.  Need to follow-up in May 2011.   
  • General meeting:  hold at least one general meeting of all professionals and professional faculty.    Held May 17, 2011, with approximately 60 attendees (15 PPFA members and 45 other PPFs). 
  • Focus groups:  round-table discussions were held at the May 17, 2011, PPF general meeting. 
  • Volunteer events:   PPFA participated with Staff Assembly and Faculty Assembly for holiday food collection, November and December, 2010; Employee Appreciation Day luncheon….June 2011 – PPFs to assist with serving? 
  • Social networking events for PPFs:  January 2011 basketball game social; approximately 15 PPFs attended with their families.  Organized by PPFA member Mason. 
  • Orientations of new PPFs:  identify and welcome new Professionals and professional faculty to the W&M community.  Report TBA. 

C.  Recruitment and Elections 

Objectives & Reports:
  • Recruitment:   develop initiatives, such as information sessions, to recruit more PPFs to serve on the PPFA and its committees.   Several information sessions were held in 2009-2010, with little turnout, but might be tried again.
  • Elections:  conduct elections, per the Bylaws.  Spring 2011 elections successfully completed, with 10 candidates for 8 slots and all proposed Constitution & Bylaws amendments passed.
  • Election policies and procedures:  write policies and procedures for nominations and elections.   Draft in process. 

D.  Staff Development:  identify, develop, and schedule needed training for professionals and professional faculty

Objectives & Reports:
  • Performance planning & evaluation  training:  discussed at March 2011 PPFA meeting; discussed with Provost, March 28, 2011.  PPFA President Mendez will discuss with Human Resources’ Hunt. 
V.  Communications and Technology

PPFA Technology Committee   [future name:  PPFA Communications Committee]

A.  Identification:   ensure that all professionals and professional faculty are identified correctly in the Provost's Office, Human Resources (HR), and IT systems.

Objectives & Reports:
  • Lists:  check quarterly with Provost’s Office; Human Resources, and Information Technology to ensure lists are current.  Check to make sure HR list and IT lists use same and accurate criteria.    Report TBA. 
  • Update PPF lists used on the PPFA website, proffaculty-l listserv and for voting ballots.   Lists updated 4/2011. 
  • Other PPFs:  identify hourly employees in PPF roles and incorporate into lists above; check with Alumni Association re employees there in PPF roles.  Hourly employees in PPF roles “included” in language for revised Constitution and in list received 4/2011 from HR; need to check to see if included in proffaculty-l listserv.  Follow-up needed re Alumni Association employees.

B.  Communications:  ensure that all PPFA members and all PPFs receive timely, accurate, and complete information as needed; ensure that the college community is informed about PPFA and PPF activities and accomplishments.

Objectives & Reports:
  • Communications Plan:  write a plan that covers the PPFA’s communications policies and  procedures, including types of communication, frequency, etc.;  review this plan annually to ensure effectiveness and currency.  Report TBA. 
  • Ongoing communications:   keep the PPFA website up-to-date, with current meeting notices, minutes, committee reports, news, etc.; on a monthly basis, link W&M News items about PPFs to the PPFA website.  Report TBA. 
  • Communications initiatives:  develop and implement ways to feature the PPFA and PPFs, such as news stories, events, etc.  Report TBA.

C.  Technology:  

Objectives & Reports:
  • Technology Plan:  write a plan that covers the PPFA’s technology policies and procedures, including the PPFA’s website, Blackboard course page, listservs, email, etc.; review this plan annually to ensure effectiveness and currency.  Report TBA. 
  • Website:  review the PPFA’s website annually to improve its structure and content.  Report TBA.