PPFA Goals 2009-2010

PPFA's Fall 2009-Summer 2010 Goals & Objectives

Originally approved 6/12/2009 by the PPFA; updated 8/29/2010  (updates in italics)

I. Organization and Establishment in the W&M Community
II. Outreach/Training for Professionals and Professional Faculty (PPFs)
III. Policies & Administrative Issues / PPF Handbook
IV. Academic Issues
V. Elections
VI. Technology
VII. Communications
VIII. Strategic Plan

I. Organization and Establishment in the W&M Community:

A.  Organization:

1.  Elections and Meetings: hold elections for 21-member Assembly within 60-day window (by November 26, 2008) as prescribed by Bylaws and begin holding monthly PPFA meetings. Original cycle achieved. Two vacancies filled with an August 2009 election.  Spring 2010 regular election successfully achieved after having to redo ballot due to problems with the Opinio used for the original ballot.

2.  Officers and Executive Committee: elect officers by January 31, 2009; select Executive Committee members by February 28, 2009.  Achieved. Vice President position became vacant and was filled in August 2009.

3.  Goals: set PPFA goals and objectives through spring 2010, seeking input from all PPFs and senior College administrators, by June 15, 2009. Review objectives monthly and update.  Goals and objectives were finalized in June 2009; a Blackboard wiki was created so that each PPFA member could sign up to be "in charge" or work on each objective.  Each PPFA member "in charge" will provide updates as appropriate, and the PPFA will review the goals and objectives at intervals during the year.   A new website structure for the PPFA, proposed in December 2009 by the PPFA's Technology Committee, will be reviewed by the PPFA in January 2010 and, if adopted, provide an easy way for each PPFA goal/objective to be updated throughout the year.

B.  Establishment in the W&M Community: Establish the PPFA as an integral part of the W&M community, increasing PPFs’ participation and contributions of PPFs in College planning and decision-making.

1.  College Administration and Organizations: establish cycles of regular meetings and communication with College administrators (President, Provost, Vice Presidents) and organizations (Faculty Assembly, Hourly & Classified Employees/Staff Senate, etc.), by July 1, 2009. Include the cycle in the PPFA’s Communications Plan (see Communications below). In process; through July 2010, the PPFA has had meetings with the President (2); Provost (several), VP for Strategic Initiatives (1), Faculty Assembly President (2), new HR Training Director (1); new Provost (2); VP for Administration (1); HACE President/Staff Assembly Steering Committee chair (1); Assistant to the President for Diversity and Community Initiatives (1); Dean/Director of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (1).

2.  Board of Visitors (BOV): have a PPFA member attend BOV meetings; submit a proposal that a BOV member serve as a liaison to the PPFA, by June 1, 2009.   The PPFA's President was appointed to serve as the "staff representative" to the BOV for academic year 2009-2010; this position will rotate each year between the PPFA and the forthcoming Staff Assembly (HACE held the seat in 2008-2009).  The PPFA discussed the BOV representative proposal with the new Provost and submitted it to the BOV secretary in August 2009.  The PPFA President, serving as the "staff representative," attended All FY2010 BOV meetings and filed reports for HACE and the PPFA.   At the PPFA's request, the PPFA and HACE gave presentations about their respective organizations (February 2010 BOV meeting).

3.  College Committees, Task Forces, and Projects: identify committees, task forces, and projects where PPF representation would be appropriate, by September 1, 2009. Work to secure PPF representation, with a status report by December 31, 2009. In process: an ad hoc committee of the two at-large PPFA Executive Committee members is working on the college-wide committees; the PPFA’s Academic Issues committee is looking at the academic (A&S and Faculty Assembly) committees.  The PPFA has been given the opportunity to recommend PPF names to W&M's Planning Steering Committee subcommittees (August 2009) and to three college-wide committees (September-October 2009). 

4.  Represent PPFs at College events: have a PPFA member represent PPFs at Charter Day, Legislative Day, Commencement, etc.  Ongoing. In process: have been represented at all those events.

II. Outreach/Training for Professionals & Professional Faculty

A.  PPFs Identified: ensure that all PPFs are identified correctly in the Provost's Office, Human Resources (HR), and Information Technology (IT) systems and receive proffaculty-l listserv emails, voting ballots, etc., by January 31, 2009.   Check quarterly with these departments to ensure lists are current.   In process:  in Fall 2008, prior to initial PPFA elections, worked with HR and IT and identified approximately 25 PPFs not coded as such in the HR or IT system.  During Fall 2009, several discussions with HR and IT in an attempt to get a complete and accurate list; the delay is due in part to pending reclassifications of some employees. By the Spring 2010 election, having worked with HR, the PPFA has an accurate list of all PPFs (approximately 440 in Spring 2010).  Clarification may still be needed re part-time/hourly PPFs.

B.  PPF General Meetings: hold at least two general PPF meetings each year to discuss policies or issues of importance to PPFs. Held a February 2009 meeting to discuss the PPFA’s contribution to the Strategic Plan.  Held an October 27, 2009, meeting to introduce the new Provost and hear from the Assistant to the President for Diversity and Community Initiatives and the W&M Ombudsperson.  A Spring 2010 general meeting was not held due to other PPFA projects.

C.  Surveys: survey PPFs at least annually to gather feedback about issues and priorities.  In process:  discussions held with Prof. Katherine Kulick and received a copy of the 2006 Faculty Survey questionnaire, to guide us; have had input on the campus-wide Training Needs Assessment sent out by Human Resources in October 2009; have requested input on the campus climate survey being discussed by the President's Diversity Committee.  Each of these surveys will provide demographic information so that we cull data just for PPFs.  Also, the PPFA discussed a short survey of PPFs, for spring 2010, to gauge interest in PPFA issues and priorities and to gather feedback and suggestions; this survey was postponed until we see results for the 2010 W&M employee survey, conducted in August 2010.

D.  Informal Focus Groups: develop a cycle of informal meetings by PPFA members with PPFs in W&M departments – both with their own departments and especially with those departments not represented currently by a PPFA member, by December 1, 2009.   An initial proposal made by PPFA members Judy Corello and Tom Rideout at the December 11, 2009, PPFA meeting; further discussion at a future meeting.  As a related objective, during the summer and fall 2009, PPFA President Molineux met individually with each PPFA member to learn about concerns and priorities.

E.  Human Resources liaison: propose to HR the establishment of a liaison relationship with HR (i.e., an HR employee, preferably also a PPF) with whom the PPFA’s Executive Committee would exchange information and channel questions about HR policies and procedures that affect PPFs, by July 1, 2009. PPFA’s VP is serving on the HR Training & Development Advisory Committee. HR’s Riggs is serving on the PPFA’s ad hoc PPF Handbook Committee. In June 2010, HR's Mongold was elected to the PPFA.

F.  New PPF Orientation: develop and implement an orientation handout and session for new PPFs about the professionals and professional faculty employee category and about the PPFA, by July 1, 2009.   Achieved:  this document was been reviewed by Human Resources, VP for Administration, the PPFA's Communications Committee, and the Provost.  Now posted on the PPFA's website and content is used by HR in training new PPFs.

G.  Training: identify and implement PPFA and PPF training and development.

1.  work with HR’s training director and development director to design and implement a survey to identify PPF training needs and interests, by October 1, 2009. PPFA members were given the opportunity to review and give feedback for the HR Training Needs Assessment (sent out October 2009); the PPFA's Vice President serves on HR's Training Needs Assessment team and will help cull relevant data for PPFs.

2.  schedule at least one PPFA and one PPF training program annually.   Achieved:  a PPFA training survey identified technology training needs within the PPFAm and handouts and some in-meeting training occurred.   In Spring 2010, training sessions were offered to PPFA members to help with the research portion of the Policies & Issues Expertise (PIE) Project.  In July 2010, the PPFA received training in "appreciative inquiry," a process to identify the strengths of an organization and build on them.

H.  Networking and collegiality: 

1.  encourage PPFs to serve on PPFA committees and projects.

2.  encourage attendance and participation at general PPF meetings.

3.  propose PPFA/PPF social events and sponsorship/teams for charity events or other volunteer projects.

4.  PPF profiles: propose posting a website/wiki with short profiles of PPFs and their responsibilities.   In process:  a pilot online form has been developed; PPFA members will try it out first, with other PPFs then being invited.  We may incorporate this as a "widget" on the PPFA website.

III. Policies & Administrative Issues

A.  PPF Handbook: Create and produce a handbook of current policies and procedures relevant to W&M professionals and professional faculty (“PPF Handbook”):   Almost completed:  this was one of the the PPFA's primary projects for the first 18 months, as -- previously -- policies for PPFs were not always written, complete, or easy to find.  The PPFA also provided the means by which PPFs had the opportunity to review and provide input on these policies.   During this period , several significant policies were reviewed by the PPFA: compensation, severance, appointments & terminations, performance planning & evaluation, grievance, classification....) with many hours reviewing, consulting similar policies at other institutions, and editing.  Also, by Spring 2010, we had gained permission to allow all 21 PPFA members the opportunity to review these draft policies, not just the PPFA's Executive Committee.   The almost-complete PPF Handbook is posted on the PPFA's website, with policies linked from the Provost’s website.  It is still identified as still a "work in progress" as there are a few policies still pending from the Provost's Office (Classification and several Leave policies).

B.  New & Revised PPF Policies: Identify, research, and propose new and revised PPF policies and issues: In process as the Policies & Issues Expertise (PIE) Project.  Each PIE team has met at least once, with some teams meeting several times, to develop expertise about the assigned policies.  Final objective is a series of "white papers" that will review current policies, compare them to policies for other W&M employee groups and for employees at other institutions, and make recommendations.  A new, more realistic goal for completion is April or May 2010.

1.  research professional/academic leave, unpaid leave, reduced responsibility contracts and how they should apply to PPFs. Make recommendations to the PPFA by the October 2009 meeting.

2.  compare policies for operational staff and instructional faculty to determine if there are any that should apply to PPFs that do not. Begin work in May 2009 and complete by January 2010.

3.  compare policies for PPFs from at least five other institutions of higher education with those at W&M. Begin work in May 2009 and complete by January 2010.

4.  on a monthly basis, monitor issues being addressed by the Board of Visitors, Faculty Assembly, Hourly & Classified Employees (HACE), W&M’s Human Resources; and the Virginia Government Employees Association (VGEA)

C.  PPFA Constitution & Bylaws: Identify, research, and propose PPFA Constitution & Bylaws changes. The PPFA's Policies & Administrative Issues Committee met in December 2009 and identified/reviewed several Constitution and Bylaws changes.  That committee will make proposals to the PPFA, and those approved proposals will be posted for all PPFs to review and vote on.

1.  the PPFA Executive Committee will review annually the PPFA’s Constitution and Bylaws to identify policies and issues to add or change.

IV. Academic Issues

A.  Awareness & Expertise: Develop an awareness of academic issues relevant to PPFs and identify ways for the PPFA to become more represented and involved through research and discussions with the following:   In process, per meeting guests (noted above). 

1.  Provost

2.  Faculty Assembly and its Academic Issues Committee

3.  Faculty of Arts and Sciences relevant committees (e.g., Educational Policy; Academic Affairs)

4.  College-wide committees

5.  relevant administrative departments

6.  similar academic issues committees at other academic institutions

B.  Participation: prepare a proposal for expanding PPFs’ knowledge and participate in W&M’s academic issues.   The PPFA's Academic Issues Committee has met to identify issues.

V. Elections and Surveys

A.  PPFA Nominations & Elections Policies and Procedures: Develop written policies and procedures for nominations and elections. In process: solid draft of procedures already produced by the PPFA’s Elections Committee; more to be identified, written, and then proposed to the PPFA.

B.  Surveys: Working with the PPFA Executive Committee and Elections Committee, help design, implement, and report results for PPFA and PPF surveys as needed, with at least one of each annually. Please see II C & G above.

VI. Technology

A.  Technology Policies and Procedures: Develop detailed written policies and procedures for all PPFA technology functions (website, Blackboard course page, listservs, email, survey tools, etc.). In process:  two meetings held to identify topics; plan drafted in January 2010.

B.  Evaluation and upgrades: review each technology function to ensure its effectiveness and currency:

1.  Website (www.wm.edu/proffaculty): identify needed improvements; oversee upgrade to new re-web pages, by April 1, 2010. Achieved:  PPFA website successfully converted by IT to the new re-web style.  The PPFA's Technology Committee chair, Vice President, and President drafted a proposed new structure for the PPFA website which was reviewed and approved first by the Technology Committee and then by the full PPFA.  New website structure implemented early Spring 2010.

2.  Blackboard: evaluate use and functions, by July 1, 2009.  Achieved:  Technology Committee chair, Vice President, and President reviewed options and decided to stay with Blackboard for the coming year to keep materials centralized and because Blackboard offers all the features we need.

C.  Training:

1.  assess PPFA members’ training needs for each technology function (email; listservs; Blackboard; website; wikis; survey tools; online calendars; etc.) and implement a training program, by September 1, 2009.  Achieved:  Survey sent to PPFA members in June 2009; results tallied; handouts and brief training segments given at PPFA meetings and access to training offered to any PPFA member who indicated a need. 

2.  create training materials/instructions for above needs; post on website and/or Blackboard for PPFAs and PPFs, by November 1, 2009. PPFA's VP created Blackboard training documents and distributed to PPFA members (September/October 2009).

VII. Communications

A.  Communications Plan: complete a PPFA Communications Plan that includes:

1.  communication “best practices” -- within and among the PPFA and all PPFs

2.  contacts and meetings with College administrators and organizations

3.  methods of communication (website, listservs, Blackboard account, email accounts, etc.) and policies/procedures re what to post, when, and who

4.  coordination with the PPFA Technology and Elections Committees re electronic communications, surveys, and elections. In process; draft completed in May 2009 and revised in Fall 2009.

B.  Communications Initiatives:

1.  news stories and other publicity: initiate at least one news story per year. Achieved: W&M News (online) story April 15, 2009, on formation of the PPFA.

2.  create and maintain a “PPFs & PPFA in the News” website to recognize colleagues and the assembly. Achieved May 2009, with ongoing monitoring and updating.

3.  explore existing departmental venues for publicity on campus. 

VIII. Strategic Plan

A.  W&M Strategic Plan – Initial Plan: Contribute to the initial W&M Strategic Plan:  form teams, solicit input from PPFs, use Blackboard wiki, hold general PPF meeting; submit final document to Provost by March 3, 2009.   Achieved.

B.  W&M Strategic Plan – Continuing:

1.  meet with Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, by July 1, 2009. Achieved June 12, 2009.

2.  seek representation of PPFA members as part of the College’s formal ongoing review and strategic planning annual updating process, by July 1, 2009.   Achieved, with PPFA membership on the Planning Steering Committee and subcommittees expanded so that each subcommittee has representation.   Also, submitted a request to VP for Finance for representation on the Committee for Continuous Improvement, June 2009.

3.  recruit a PPFA Strategic Plan (Ad Hoc) Committee that has representation at a minimum from the major PPFA employment sectors.  Achieved:  a committee was formed Fall 2009.

4.  review the final 2009-2010 W&M Strategic Plan, with a particular emphasis on aspects of implementation that can be specifically effected by the PPFA membership.  In process.

5.  schedule a regular cycle of strategic plan review throughout the year.