Previous Fellows


  • Ben Boone, Doctoral Candidate, School of Education, William & Mary, for his dissertation on how transformative study abroad programs shape faculty approaches to learning when they return to the traditional classroom.
  • Miguel Taín Guzmán, Professor of History of Art, University of Santiago de Compostela, for his study of the description of the city of Santiago de Compostela, its cathedral, and its medieval pilgrimage rituals in the manuscript, General Descripción del Reino de Galicia, written by the brothers Juan and Pedro Fernández de Boán in the 1640s.
  • Penny Eppig, Ph.D. Environmental Studies, Environmental History, Antioch University New England, for her project, The Ecology of Pilgrimage and her research addressing the pilgrimage St. Cuthbert’s Way to “Holy Island.”
  • Ian S. McIntosh, Ph.D., Director of International Partnerships, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, for his research project, Interfaith Pilgrimage and Peace-Building in Sri Lanka: The Case of Sri Pada.


  • Kathryn Barush, Assistant Professor of Art History and Religion, Graduate Theological Union and Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara for her book project, Imagining Pilgrimage.
  • Maryjane Dunn, Assistant Professor of Spanish, Henderson State University and Lynn Talbot, Professor of Spanish, Roanoke College, for their proposal Reading the Camino: Creating a web-based database of texts relating to the Camino de Santiago.
  • Mary Ann Eaverly, Professor, Department of Classics, University of Florida, for her project, Parthenon, Pilgrimage, and Panathenaia: A Re-examination of Archaic Greek Votive Statues.


  • Dr. John Moore, Associate Professor at the University of Alabama Birmingham for a study, critical edition and translation of “His Majesty’s Prosecutor vs. José Soller, Mulatto Pilgrim, for Impersonating a Priest and other Crimes.”
  • Roni Jackson, doctoral candidate at the University of Oklahoma, for her project on the influence of technology on modern pilgrimage, focused specifically on the Camino de Santiago.