Application Information

2018 George Greenia Research Fellowship in Pilgrimage Studies (pdf)

The Institute for Pilgrimage Studies will award Research Fellowships to members of the Consortium for Pilgrimage Studies (individual members and faculty under institutional memberships) to support original work on Pilgrimage/Travel for Transformation. We encourage faculty and graduate students from a range of disciplines to submit applications for prizes of $1000 to $2000. Post-doctoral research by junior and senior scholars and graduate students with thesis projects are eligible. Applicants must be current members of the Consortium.

Research Fellow Funds May Cover: Transportation/lodging expenses to conduct research, hire a research assistant, and to cover other direct costs as appropriate.

Research Fellow Funds May Not Cover: Secondary overhead or administrative costs, tuition, replacement salary or fringe benefits, ancillaries normally provided by one’s home institution like computers or books, nor other discretionary expenses.

Application Components

  • A proposal of approximately five to six pages outlining the research plan/design. The project should have a descriptive title, present a clear research focus/question, offer a brief overview of existing literature on the topic, describe its methodological approach and timetable, and make an argument for the importance of the project.
  • A detailed, one-page budget for all expenses in U.S. dollars and indicating its exact purpose.
  • An updated CV, including a statement of the applicant’s qualification to carry out the proposed research and current snail mail and e-mail addresses.
  • Simultaneous submissions to other research and fellowship competitions are allowed but the applicant should be specific that budget items in the Institute Grant do not overlap with those submitted in other proposals.
  • All documentation must be in English and submitted electronically as a single Word Doc or PDF to Kathleen Jenkins, Co-Director, Institute for Pilgrimage Studies, William & Mary (

Fellows are encouraged to present their research findings at the annual Symposium of the Institute for Pilgrimage Studies and are required to submit an end-of-year report summarizing the outcomes of their research project. Any resulting publications should name the Institute for Pilgrimage Studies at William & Mary as supporting the project.

Deadline for submission: September 1st, 2018

Awards will be announced at the 2018 Annual Symposium for Pilgrimage Studies, Sept. 14-16.