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Student Accountability & Consequences

Every enrolled student has affirmed the Healthy Together Community Commitment and their willingness to adhere to the university's COVID-19-related health and safety rules. Violations of this personal commitment endanger our collective well-being and will result in disciplinary action. Such behavior, though undertaken individually, puts at risk the community’s ability to learn together in person and also the individual’s status at William & Mary.

From the Healthy Together Community Commitment:

As a member of the W&M community I affirm that I will comply with all stated expectations for living, learning, gathering and working on campus and in the Williamsburg community.

1. By my actions, I will mitigate risk of transmitting COVID-19, including by wearing a mask, by observing an appropriate social distance from others, by washing my hands frequently, by participating in testing protocols, and by staying home when I am sick.

2. Through these actions, I will demonstrate care and concern for the physical and psychological well-being of others and create a supportive environment for hallmates, classmates, colleagues, teachers, students, staff members, neighbors and members of the wider Williamsburg community.

3. In committing to these actions, I will support W&M’s mission by making it possible for us to “convene great minds and hearts to meet the most pressing needs of our time.”

In addition to the Healthy Together Community Commitment, every student at William & Mary is accountable to the Student Code of Conduct. All residential students also have agreed to adhere to specific COVID-19 Health and Well-Being Policies as part of their housing contract:

Section III of the Student Code of Conduct outlines the following:

A. Conduct Affecting Persons

1. Causing physical harm, threatening harm to any person, or behaving in a manner that a reasonable person would find alarming or intimidating. Negligent conduct that results in injury to others violates the Student Code of Conduct.

2. Behaving in a manner that endangers the health or safety of another person or in a manner that a reasonable person would consider indecent or disorderly.

3. Engaging in conduct that infringes on the rights of others.

C. Conduct Affecting the University Community

4. Failing to comply with the directions of university officials or law enforcement officers acting in performance of their duties; failure to identify oneself to these persons when requested to do so; and/or failing to comply with a sanction issued by an appropriate Case Administrator or panel hearing board.

6. Violating any policy, rule, or regulation published in hard copy or available electronically on the university website or disseminated via official means of communication (e.g., email or letter) including the terms of the Residence Life Housing Contract.

E. Violations of Local, State, or Federal Law

Conduct leading to arrest, indictment, or conviction for violation of local, state, or federal law may result in disciplinary action by the university if the Dean of Students or designee, determines that such action is necessary for the protection of other members of the university community, for the safeguarding of the educational community, to prevent the disruption of any lawful activity carried on by the university or others on its behalf, or activities on university property. The university reserves the right and responsibility to initiate its own disciplinary proceedings without awaiting court action or the conclusion thereof.

From Housing Contracts:

1. To the best of my ability I will follow CDC guidelines for quarantine prior to my arrival on campus and I will not arrive on campus if experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

2. In compliance with the directive of the Governor of Virginia, I will wear a face covering at all times while in my residence hall (except in my own room, the bathroom, or while eating).

3. I will practice stated physical distancing between myself and others.

4. I will participate in personal hygiene such as frequent hand-washing, not touching my face, etc.

5. I will not have any guests or visitors in my room or residence hall unless they are also an assigned resident in my specific building.

6. I will abide by all stated and posted expectations for use of shared residential spaces such as study lounges, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

7. If I have symptoms of COVID-19 I will avoid public spaces and visit the Student Health Center, my local health care provider, or an urgent care facility.

8. If directed by a health care professional, I will self-isolate or quarantine for as long as deemed necessary and notify Residence Life that I have may have come into contact with someone with COVID-19 or tested positive for COVID-19 so that Residence Life can take necessary steps for temporary relocation to isolation or quarantine.

9. I understand that failing to comply with these expectations may result in disciplinary action or termination of my housing contract. I acknowledge that there is inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 and my efforts are critical in reducing this risk for myself and the entire campus community.


Violations of these agreements will have consequences. Please visit the Dean of Students Office website on community commitment violations. Potential consequences for violations include:

  • A COVID-19 conduct flag on your transcript
  • A COVID-19 registration hold
  • Removal from on-campus housing
  • Probation
  • Deferred suspension
  • Suspension
  • Permanent dismissal, depending on a student’s current disciplinary status at W&M