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COVID-19 Vaccinations

William & Mary’s vaccine policy for Fall 2021 is shaped by the university's mission and goals, consistent with our pandemic response so far. The overriding considerations around which we plan are to protect public health and the safety of our academic community and neighbors. A key to our success so far has been that everyone in this community – faculty, staff, and students – has embraced the same requirements.

Vaccination Requirements

Given the scientific evidence to date, W&M has concluded that full vaccination is in the best interests of the health of our community. The university is requiring COVID-19 vaccination for all students, faculty and staff, unless an express medical or religious exemption applies. 

  • All students, faculty and staff were required to record the first vaccination dose in the Kallaco portal on or before Tuesday, August 10.
  • The second or final dose is due on or before Friday, September 17.
  • William & Mary will observe appropriate disability and religious exemptions and deferrals. To file for an exemption, visit Exemptions and Deferrals for instructions.
  • We recognize that international students may not have access to vaccines in their home countries. W&M will help international students receive vaccination appointments upon arrival. International students should contact International Students, Scholars & Programs or email the [[covidresponse,COVID-19 Response Team]].
  • Routine testing of those who are in the process of vaccination or exempted will continue as a condition of their participation in in-person activities.
  • Accepted vaccines include those approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization under emergency approval programs.
  • Faculty and staff are eligible for up to eight hours of leave for vaccination appointments and their side effects. Please coordinate with your supervisor.
How to Report Vaccination Status
  • To provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination, upload in the Kallaco portal photos of the vaccination card you received when you were administered the vaccine. Visit the Record section and follow the prompts to upload a photo for each vaccine dose on your card.
Pre-Arrival Testing for Those Not Vaccinated
  • Students who have not received a vaccination approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's or World Health Organization's emergency use programs will be required to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test administered within 72 hours prior to moving into on-campus housing or participating in any on-campus activities.
  • Students and visiting scholars who have not received an FDA- or WHO-approved vaccination and whose travel schedule will make it difficult to meet the above timeline will be asked to test negative for COVID-19 in the 2-3 days before they begin their travel and again when they arrive at campus. No quarantine is anticipated for international students and scholars as long as they test negative.
  • All students will undergo additional COVID-19 testing until fully vaccinated.
Exemptions and Deferrals

William & Mary is observing appropriate disability and religious exemptions and deferrals to the COVID-19 vaccination requirement. Employees should visit the exemption page for detailed instructions.


  • Disability Exemptions: Students who believe they need an accommodation regarding the COVID-19 vaccination policy because of a disability are responsible for requesting an accommodation following the standard process coordinated through Student Accessibility Services (SAS); access the accommodation request form online. Returning SAS students should create a supplemental accommodation request. All requesting students must submit a note from a medical doctor explaining the medical condition and certify that the student cannot receive a COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Religious Exemptions: Students are required to submit a notarized copy of the COVID-19 Religious Exemption Certification Form (pdf) to [[studentaffairs, Student Affairs]] or fax (757) 221-1240. 
  • Request for Deferrals: There are medical conditions that do not qualify as a disability under state or federal law and other circumstances that may justify an extension of the timeline for receiving an authorized vaccine. Such reasons are limited and may include pregnancy, breastfeeding, history of certain allergic reactions, active COVID infection, and legal restrictions on vaccine accessibility. To request a deferral, a written explanation of the conditions preventing vaccination and an estimate of the expected duration of those conditions is required.  If an underlying medical condition is involved a note from a medical doctor explaining the medical condition and certifying that you are unable to receive a COVID-19 vaccination is required. Student Health Center staff will review the request to confirm a valid exception is being requested. Requests can be submitted by contacting the health center.
W&M Vaccination FAQs
Why has W&M decided to implement this vaccination policy?

Given the scientific evidence to date, we have concluded that widespread vaccination is in the best interests of the health of our community. We are taking these steps because William & Mary will be predominantly in-person beginning Fall 2021. Students have been overwhelmingly clear about what they seek from their college experience at William & Mary: in-person learning and living, with the ability to convene as freely as possible on our beautiful campus. And faculty and staff have been clear that for many different degrees and fields, in-person environments ensure optimum teaching, learning and research.

What is the deadline for W&M students and employees to be vaccinated?

All students, faculty and staff were required to record the first vaccination dose in the Kallaco portal on or before Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2021. The second or final dose is due on or before Friday, Sept. 17, 2021.

Who should I contact if I need help reporting my vaccination status?
If you need help navigating Kallaco, please email [[healthytogether, HealthyTogether]].
What vaccines are accepted?

Any FDA-approved or EUA vaccine is acceptable: 

  • Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
  • Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine
  • Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine (Johnson & Johnson)

Any WHO-approved EUL vaccine is acceptable:

  • Pfizer/BioNTech
  • Astrazeneca-SK Bio
  • Serum Institute of India
  • Astra Zeneca EU
  • Janssen
  • Moderna
  • Sinopharm
  • Sinovac-CoronaVac

William & Mary will update its list of accepted vaccines as they receive FDA or WHO approval, including emergency use approval.

Are other vaccines required?

Yes, other vaccines are required for students. Those include:

  • Two M.M.R. vaccines (after the student’s first birthday)
  • Three Hepatitis B vaccines (or signed waiver)
  • Tetanus vaccine (within the past 10 years)
  • Meningitis vaccine (after the student’s 16th birthday/or signed waiver)
What if I have a medical condition or a religious belief that prevents me from being vaccinated, or vaccinated now?

Please visit Exemptions and Deferrals for instructions.

If I receive a disability or religious exemption, or a deferral, do I still have to get tested for COVID-19? Should I wear a mask?

Having a medical or a religious exemption from vaccination does not exempt one from the COVID-19 testing program. It’s critical that the university be able to quickly identify COVID-19 on campus. The CDC advises people who are not yet vaccinated to continue to wear a mask indoors and when in close proximity to others. W&M

If I don’t want to get vaccinated, can I attend remotely instead?

Unless you are in a program that is predominantly online, you will likely not be able to build a full semester of online courses in fall 2021. Roughly 95% of William & Mary’s courses for the semester are in-person.

If I don’t want to get vaccinated and choose instead to disenroll for the fall semester, can I get refunded for housing, dining and tuition?

Yes. Students who do not become vaccinated on or before September 17 will receive refunds. 

What consequences are there for students who don’t get vaccinated and don’t have an approved exemption?

Students who do not receive their first vaccine dose or have an approved exemption by August 10, or a second dose or approved exemption by September 17, will be administratively withdrawn, disenrolled from classes and not allowed to move into or remain in campus housing. Students will have the opportunity to respond, but the administrative withdrawal is not subject to the William & Mary Student Code of Conduct or any other university policies.

What are the consequences for faculty and staff who do not get vaccinated and don’t have an approved exemption?

All employees — faculty and staff — not in compliance with the COVID-19 vaccination policy will be placed on leave without pay at the beginning of the next applicable pay period. Employees will remain on leave without pay until they are in compliance with the health and safety policy, or for 30 days. Employees who do not come into compliance with the policy within 30 days will be notified and terminated for cause. Termination actions for violation of the COVID-19 vaccination policy will provide notice and an opportunity to be heard, but are not subject to pre-decision-making processes or procedures set out in any other university policies, including but not limited to the William & Mary Faculty Handbook. Employees may grieve their termination decision following standard processes; however, adjudication does not delay the effective date of termination.

Will students with vaccine exemptions or deferrals be housed separately from students who are vaccinated?

Students will continue to live in their chosen/assigned residence halls. Anyone who has an approved vaccine exemption is expected to participate in W&M’s weekly COVID-19 testing program. A student who wishes to submit a room change request may do so via the housing portal. As much as possible, Residence Life will make room changes to accommodate student requests within the space available.

Has W&M considered international students who don’t have access to vaccines in their home countries?

William & Mary is working with international students to ensure they have the opportunity to be vaccinated in the United States. They have been advised to contact International Students, Scholars & Programs or email the [[covidresponse, COVID-19 Response Team]].

Does William & Mary offer leave for employees to become vaccinated?

Yes. Employees are eligible for up to eight hours of approved leave for vaccination appointments and side effects. Please coordinate the leave with your supervisor.

Will William & Mary offer COVID-19 vaccine booster shots if they become necessary?

Decisions have not yet been made on offering booster shots, which are not currently available nor recommended for most vaccinated people.

How will W&M ensure the privacy of students or employees who qualify for a medical or religious exemption?

William & Mary does not disseminate vaccine status information. Instead, the university uses a basis of “cleared/not cleared” for activities, such as in-person classes and move-in. 

How will this policy affect campus visitors and guest speakers? Will they have to be vaccinated, too? Will they have to show proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test? 

William & Mary is not currently requiring short-term visitors or speakers to be vaccinated, though they will need to observe reasonable health and safety precautions and may be required to in order to participate on campus.

Will I have to quarantine if in close contact to someone who tests positive?

Consistent with current CDC guidance, vaccinated individuals who have been in close contact with a known COVID-19-positive person will not need to quarantine.