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COVID-19 Vaccinations

Phase 1A and Phase 1B

William & Mary is working with local Virginia Department of Health districts to identify W&M and VIMS employees who have job responsibilities or are of an age that qualifies them for vaccination in Phase 1A or Phase 1B, including qualifying student workers. Many of our employees with direct patient-care responsibilities – such as those working in the Student Health Center or in dedicated quarantine and isolation housing – qualify for Phase 1A distribution and have already received their first vaccination. Police and other essential workers are eligible for Phase 1B distribution and we are working to get them scheduled for vaccines. If you fall into one of those categories, you will be contacted directly with instructions on when you can schedule your vaccination, should you choose to be vaccinated.

We will continue providing information to the local health districts on employees meeting job-related criteria for 1A and 1B vaccinations, as well as employees 65 or older, as more vaccines become available through the health districts and the City of Williamsburg, with whom W&M is closely partnered in this effort.

In response to Gov. Northam’s guidance that vaccine distribution should be allocated equally to individuals qualifying under Phase 1B due to work responsibilities and those qualifying based on age, the local vaccine clinic administration asked William & Mary to add contact information for our employees who are over 65. In addition, the clinic administration expanded the definition of essential workers.

If you meet the expanded criteria, W&M will ask you to provide a personal phone number to reach you quickly. Providing a number will help to speed up the process of vaccinating our community, as vaccines may become available on short notice and you may be asked to sign up within a couple hours of the vaccination time.

 If you believe you are eligible for a vaccine under Phase 1B due to an underlying medical condition rather than work requirements or age, please register with your local health department’s website and consult your healthcare provider. You may also consider registering with your pharmacy, as major chains like CVS, Walgreens and Walmart expect to begin vaccinating customers in the coming weeks.  

Regardless of where you get vaccinated, you will not be charged for the vaccine.  Some locations may charge a fee to administer the vaccine, so you may want to check before you arrive. If you are vaccinated at the local clinic at the Colonial Williamsburg Visitors’ Center, there is no charge.

Phase 1C and General Population

The majority of faculty and staff members, because they work in Virginia higher education, qualify for the 1C distribution schedule. At this time, the local health districts have not begun offering vaccines to individuals in Phase 1C. We anticipate most of our students will be vaccinated with the general population following Phase 1C. We have not yet received information on the timing of vaccinations for either Phase 1C or the general population. We will update you as we know more.

We recognize that students, faculty and staff who do not qualify for vaccinations at present due to their job responsibilities at W&M may have additional circumstances that qualify them for a different phase of distribution. For example, students, faculty or staff members with underlying medical conditions or meeting certain age criteria may qualify for the 1A or 1B distribution schedule. At this time, William & Mary, as an employer, has been asked to forward information to VDH for those with certain job functions and/or are 65 or older.

If you believe you qualify for Phase 1A or 1B due to underlying medical condition(s), you should follow up with VDH and your physician or healthcare provider. VDH has launched a portal to assess your status and sign up for vaccination alerts at VDH COVID-19 Vaccination Response. Click “Find out which phase you are eligible for” to access the portal.

As vaccines become more widely available, we will continue to work with our regional partners to advocate for access for those W&M students, faculty and staff seeking to be vaccinated.

Vaccine Requirements

Because the current COVID-19 vaccines are being distributed under an Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA, they are not currently required of any faculty, staff or students. However, in the future, when the vaccines are approved beyond emergency use, they may be included among the other vaccinations the Commonwealth requires of students who attend W&M or for employees. W&M will continue working with state officials on those determinations as more information becomes available.