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COVID-19 Case Management & Isolation Housing

William & Mary has established a network of case managers to help members of the community navigate living, study and work following a positive COVID-19 test result, while respecting the individual’s privacy.

The first step is to complete the positive case form at

The form asks basic questions about whether you are a student, faculty or staff member as well as whether you are currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. It also asks the dates of your COVID-19 test and when you received results and basic information about any areas of campus you frequent, in order to rapidly deploy cleaning and disinfecting crews.

Isolating at home? View the W&M At-Home Isolation Guide for Students

Shortly after you complete the Report COVID-19 form, a case manager will contact you. For students, case managers will serve as the main point of contact throughout the isolation period, helping with the transition to isolation, and arranging for cleaning and disinfecting of campus spaces, among other assistance.

For employees, case managers help transition to remote work or leave, coordinate notification to departments and arrange cleaning and disinfecting, among other help.

Emergency Signs: There are five emergency signs associated with COVID-19. If you experience any of these, please call 911 immediately:

  • Trouble breathing
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • New confusion
  • Inability to wake or stay awake
  • Pale, gray, or blue-colored skin, lips, or nail beds, depending on skin tone

The COVID-19 management form generates a case number (unrelated to student/employee 930 numbers) that will be used as an identifier internally to protect the privacy of the COVID-19-positive community member. William & Mary will not identify the names of people who have contracted COVID-19 publicly or to the greater campus community.

The medical team at the Student Health Center is available for all students who are isolating.

Isolation Housing

William & Mary has secured blocks of rooms at special rates in a number of local hotels to accommodate residential students who cannot return home to complete their five-day isolation or who need a day or two “bridge” stay before returning home. Case managers help students transition to isolation housing.

Help is available! Visit Academic Resources and Support for help staying current in class and mentally and physically well.

William & Mary can fund the first night of a student’s stay if they must isolate following a diagnosis of COVID-19. This provides a “bridge” while students implement their short-term evacuation (quarantine & isolation) plans. W&M is providing transportation from campus to the hotel for students who do not have a personal car.

Students with demonstrated need may seek financial assistance beyond the initial night by speaking with their case manager. They may be asked to apply for HEART funds managed by the Dean of Students Office.

Visual representation of supplies needed for 10 day isolationWhat’s supplied in isolation housing: Furniture, bath and bed linens, soap, mini-refrigerator and microwave.

What residents need to bring: Students should be prepared with clothes, personal items, books, computer, cell phone, chargers, etc. for approximately five days.

Students who are COVID-19 positive and do not have a personal car will be transported to the hotel where they will be staying. The case manager will help arrange transportation.

Food Delivery

W&M Student Assembly, the William & Mary Wesley Foundation and Food for All have partnered with the COVID-19 Response Team to arrange free food and grocery deliveries to students isolating in off-campus hotels or housing due to a positive COVID-19 test result.

When students report a positive COVID-19 test result, they can request deliveries through a confidential, secure form. Volunteer coordinators work with the student to determine what food items and groceries to deliver. Student volunteers package the groceries and deliver them as instructed to the student. All food and grocery expenses are covered by the Student Assembly. For any questions about this program, please contact [[sameals]].

In addition, for isolating students who are on a meal plan, William & Mary Dining Services has built a system that accepts orders for three days of breakfasts, lunches and frozen, reheatable meals. (Frozen meals will keep in hotel refrigerators for three days.) Dining has set up an online ordering form. All meal orders must be received by 5 p.m. on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday for delivery the next afternoon (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). The delivery person will knock and leave the meals at the door.

Dining Dollars may also be used to order pizza, sandwiches, salads, beverages and desserts if the hotel or home is in the delivery radius for the Dominos on Richmond Road. Delivery radius can be verified at the Dominos website; orders must be placed by calling (757) 220-3770. Students may opt to use other online food services such as DoorDash or other restaurant delivery services at their own expense, just as they would in their residence halls.

Delivery Only: Meals for students isolating in William & Mary partner hotels or isolating as commuter students will need to be delivered to their room or home; students who are isolating may not go out to eat or they risk spreading the virus to others.
Expectations During Isolation

Isolating when diagnosed with COVID-19 is essential to slowing the spread of disease, regardless of one’s vaccination status. When in isolation, you must curtail all contact with others so the virus has no opportunity to spread. That means you remain in your room during the five-day period, arrange to have meals delivered to your room (not the lobby), don’t allow visitors, and participate only remotely in daily activities. Remember, even if you are asymptomatic, you are still contagious until you are past your isolation period.

Don’t lose your room! William & Mary’s agreement for blocks of rooms at reduced rates allows students to isolate after being diagnosed with COVID-19. If you are not consistently isolating or properly masking, hotel staff may require you to vacate at their discretion!

Protect Delivery Workers
  • Choose contactless delivery when it’s offered.
  • When deliveries arrive, wait at least 30 seconds after the delivery worker leaves before opening your door to collect delivery.
  • Wear your mask when collecting deliveries.
Pharmacy Deliveries: Many local pharmacies offer free or affordable delivery. Check the websites of pharmacies near you for more information.
Returning to Campus & Classroom

Students, faculty and staff who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate for five days. COVID-19-positive community members, after five days of isolation, must be asymptomatic before they return to work or class, and they must wear a mask for five additional days. A case manager helps students determine the end of the isolation period and transition back to campus. Following CDC guidance, W&M does not require a negative COVID-19 test to return.