W&M Bridge Program

The purpose of the W&M Bridge Program is to provide incoming neurodivergent students, both freshman and transfers, the opportunity to acclimate themselves to William & Mary.  Neurodiversity refers to the diversity of brains and minds, including autism, Tourette Syndrome, epilepsy, seizure disorder, ADHD, etc. At William & Mary, we seek to improve the college experiences of neurodivergent students. W&M Bridge Program students will have the chance to meet and socialize with other neurodivergent students and will be introduced to campus resources during this weekend-long, overnight event. Please note that all costs (room/board, food, and other program fees) are covered by William & Mary. Participants are responsible for their transportation to and from campus.  

Bridge Program Dates: July 20-22, 2018

For more information about the W&M Bridge Program, contact neurodiversity@wm.edu.