A group of disabled activists, many of them using wheelchairs, all on a lawn together. Some of them hold signs and one man holds an American flag, where the stars on the flag form an image of a person in a wheelchair.

The Neurodiversity Student Group and Corpus, a general disability group, will be screening a PBS documentary that chronicles the history of the disability rights movement from the 1940s to the passage of the ADA in the 1990s. This history is one that is not taught in schools and thus, many people are not aware of the massive strides that disabled activists have made in fighting for rights and opportunities in our history, but also the efforts and protests of disabled activists that continue to day and will continue in the future. The story is primarily shown in primary footage and interviews from protests, demonstrations and sit-ins. After the film, there will be time for questions and a brief discussion.

Morton Hall has easily accessible handicapped parking, an elevator, and gender neutral bathrooms. The movie will have subtitles. Please contact Haley Outlaw at hnoutlaw@email.wm.edu if you have any questions or requests regarding accessibility.