Lemon Project Summer Course and Grant Application

“The Lemon Project is a multifaceted and dynamic attempt to rectify wrongs perpetrated against African Americans by the College through action or inaction.” (LP brochure) In an effort to accomplish this goal, we are hoping to expand the number of Lemon Project courses offered at the College. These grants have been established to encourage the development of Lemon Project courses.

What is a Lemon Project course?

These courses may be as broad or as narrow in scope as the developer desires, but they must enhance our knowledge of African American life on this campus or in the local community.  For example, a course on Jim Crow could explore that era on a national scale or focus on Virginia, but some important aspect of the class and its final projects/papers must focus on the College or community.

This form must be used for all applications (pdf).

Please submit all proposals via email attachment to jlalle@wm.edu by 5:00pm on Friday, April 25th.