Constructing a Purposeful Life

Program Overview

The program involves approximately 20 students who will meet weekly as a group. Over the course of the fall semester, students will make meaning of their involvement and prepare for next steps. The program also allows for individual coaching with a staff coach for personal integrative work.

Group sessions will include collaborative discussion. In previous years, the following themes have been explored:

  • Readying for Change & Authenticity
  • Values Expression and Integrity
  • Vision
  • Realizing One’s Vision
  •  Force Field Analysis for Change
  • Resilience and Self-Compassion
  • Diverse Perspectives and Decision-Making
  • Privilege in Choices and Actions
  • Speaking Your Truth and Cultivating Openness in Charged Conversations
  • What I Do Matters, The Impact of My Choices on Community
  • What Does It Mean to Change the World?
  • Capstone: Integrating the Conversations