The Inner Architect

Integrating Experiences to Understand One's Self & Purpose

Over time, we know that students accumulate a variety of experiences - whether they be coursework, co-curricular involvement and community engagement, to internships and work - without adequate time, space, or guidance for examination. In The Inner Architect, students will move their collection of experiences through a process of integration toward a deeper understanding of themselves and their purpose in the world.

Participation in The Inner Architect will be most impactful if you have had experiences:

  • Navigating how to work with others different from yourself
  • Making decisions and solving problems based on individual/group values
  • Working toward positive change in a community, cause, or initiative that is important to you

And you have an interest and desire to:

  • Reflect on your collection of experiences
  • Make connections and meaning around your experiences
  • Cultivate a deep lens of self-awareness
  • Transform your understanding to design and construct the life you want to live

Then you may be ready to become your own Inner Architect! 

Over the course of the academic year, staff will support students as they make meaning of their involvement and prepare for next steps. The program includes group meetings and individual coaching sessions. In addition to the integration opportunity for students, the program provides an opportunity for Student Affairs staff to work in collaboration to forward the shared goals of our division strategic framework.

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