William & Mary

Work Group Established to Review "Tuck-In's"

Contact:  [[e|aharse, Anne Arseneau]]


The Office of Student Leadership Development and the Hazing Prevention Coalition establish work group to review practice of Tuck In's on campus.

Full Description

Student Leadership Development (with oversight for Recognized Student Organizations) and the Hazing Prevention Coalition will take the lead on forwarding and reviewing “Tuck Ins” at W&M as they are most typically associated with student organization membership transition processes.  The work group is assembled to respond to the request in the attached memo from the university Title IX Coordinators.  The goal of the task force will be to explore concerns that the practice could contribute to a hostile environment and/or give rise to sexual misconduct incidents. 

The “Tuck In” Work Group has been assembled with the following students and staff.  The workgroup will be chaired by Arseneau and Scott.  We will embark on information gathering that also provides an opportunity to elevate review of this practice on campus. Our final work product intends to include a review of the practice and any subsequent policy recommendations that address the practice of tuck-ins and mitigate the concerns connected to harassment, hazing, and underage consumption of alcohol.

Anne Arseneau, Co-Chair of Hazing Prevention Coalition
Shylan Scott, Co-Chair of Hazing Prevention Coalition
Angel Gordon, Delta Gamma Sorority
Taylor Locks, Area Director & Member of Hazing Prevention Coalition
Nora Logsdon, Student Conduct Council
Mary Kate Maher, President of W&M Panhellenic
Mary Turgeon, Residence Life, W&M Panhellenic