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For the Bold Campaign

W&M's biggest & boldest yet

More Than $1 Billion Raised

William & Mary completed its boldest fundraising campaign yet, with $1.04 billion raised, ties among alumni and alma mater strengthened and its status as the No. 1 public university for alumni participation cemented several years in a row. For nearly a decade, the For the Bold campaign infused revolutionary ideas and bold initiatives into our 327-year-old institution of higher learning. The campaign led to wide-ranging transformations across the university and new opportunities and experiences for generations of students, faculty, alumni and staff.

Here are just a few highlights:
  • No. 1 public university for alumni participation
  • $14.7 million raised from gifts under $100
  • $303 million raised for scholarships
  • 106,644 donors
  • $105 million raised in support of faculty
  • 3x more alumni engaged with each other and William & Mary
For the Bold: the Campaign for William & Mary and photos of campus on poster displays at a Washington D.C. campaign celebration event
Sue Gerdelman at a For the Bold campaign event standing a a podium

“Through times of triumph and tribulations, the campaign has provided a stream of resources that have enabled the great minds who come to William & Mary to innovate, seize new opportunities and pursue their passions. Our {em}For the Bold{/em} campaign has been a constant during so much uncertainty, often being the impetus to greater community action to advance what we value most.” {strong}Former Campaign Chair Sue Hanna Gerdelman ’76{/strong}

President Katherine A. Rowe in front of a large gilded frame

“Our generous donors to the {em}For the Bold{/em} campaign have invested in efforts that push us beyond the status quo and into bold new ventures to increase equity, inclusion, grit and creativity.” {strong}President Katherine A. Rowe{/strong}

New York City skyline with the Empire State Building lit in green and gold
Three people smile and converse with the Chicago skyline in the background
President-Emeritus W. Taylor Reveley III, LL.D. ’18 at a podium

“We were doggedly ambitious for the Alma Mater of the Nation. The campaign reached glorious new heights. William & Mary is and always will be a university for the bold.” {strong}President-Emeritus W. Taylor Reveley III, LL.D. ’18{/strong}

Person seated in a suit and tie among others
Three smiling people celebrating in green sunglasses holding green and gold campaign materials
Large crowd of people in formal attire holding up ceremonial burning candles at night in the Sunken Garden
Person presenting in front of a display with the words Making the Remarkable