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Provost Halleran, October 11, 2012


The steering committee continues to study and analyze whether an affiliation between W&M and EVMS will be beneficial to both schools and the Commonwealth.

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Dear William & Mary Community,

I write to provide an update on the work of the committee charged by President Reveley to conduct "due diligence" on the question of whether EVMS should become the William & Mary School of Medicine.

The committee conducted an initial site visit to EVMS in August, and has held four meetings on campus.  It has also organized into five subcommittees to explore the following areas:  academic programs; academic culture; organizational structure and legal issues; budgets and health care; and political matters and communication.  The subcommittees continue to pose questions, gather information, coordinate with appropriate groups including counterparts at EVMS, and report periodically to the full committee.     

The committee’s task is, in essence, to study and to analyze whether and in which way(s) the College could be strengthened by having EVMS as part of or affiliated with the College, and to advise the president on the likely risks and rewards involved in any decision.  It is essential that such an affiliation be good for the College, for EVMS and the Commonwealth. 

Jointly with EVMS, we have selected a consultant to assist us in our work and who will report to both institutions about the potential value of a close affiliation or merger and the benefits to both W&M and EVMS.   We will also be working with the appropriate campus committees and holding an open forum next month.  

We have established this website for the EVMS discussion. The site includes background information, the list of the committee members and a space for any comments you might want the committee to consider.  Alternatively, you might prefer to contact me or other members of the committee directly and provide either your own thoughts or materials you think are particularly relevant. 

President Reveley asked for an update on the committee’s progress by mid-October, and I have briefed him on our work so far as described above.  I anticipate that the committee will provide its next update to him and to you in late November.

Best regards,
Michael Halleran