Wouter Deconinck

Assistant Professor - Physics

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About Wouter
Wouter Deconinck has been an assistant professor of physics at the College of William & Mary since 2010. His research interests are in experimental nuclear and particle physics. At William & Mary, Deconinck serves on the graduate admissions and external relations committee. At the March 2012 meeting of the American Physical Society, Deconinck was the co-organizer of a session dedicated to gender and sexual diversity in physics. The session has sparked several new initiatives by the same organizers, such as an LGBT best practices guide for physicists, and a published list of "out" physicists and allies. At the 2012 physics department chairs conference of the American Physical Society and American Association of Physics Teachers, Deconinck was invited to discuss issues of gender diversity. Previous efforts by Deconinck and colleagues at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Laboratory have led the lab to include sexual orientation and gender identity in the EEO policy, and to extend benefits to same-sex domestic partners.