William & Mary

World Taiji and Qigong Day

  •  Community member Gloria Bersi gracefully demonstrates proper Taiji Sword technique.  
  •  'Wudang Sword Form'
    'Wudang Sword Form'  A member of the Peninsula Taiji Club performs a routine in Wudang Sword Form.  
  • Immortal Flute
    Immortal Flute  Richard Tate demonstrates the fascinating taiji sect called 'Immortal Flute'.  
  •  Volunteer teacher Xuewei Hou helps participants create their own masterpieces of Chinese paper cutting.  
  •  Local teacher Bill Hansel provides personal instruction about the Thirteen Wudang Taiji Forms in this interactive workshop.  
  •  David Hanilton leads workshop participants in a series of movements in the Wuji Qigong Short Form.  
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On the last Saturday of April each year, millions around the world celebrate World Taiji and Qigong Day by gathering together and practicing the ancient Chinese meditative art. The William & Mary Confucius Institute held a cultural celebration for the first time in 2015, inviting participants from across campus, around the peninsula, and all over the state. Local teachers Stan Rockwell, Bill Hansell, and David Hamilton demonstrated techniques while groups of people from the Peninsula Taiji Club and other individuals performed intricate routines.

After the performances, the audience members were invited to participate in workshops during the afternoon, where they learned more about the meditation exercises and martial art forms, as well as the proper skills for effective paper folding, music, and other techniques from WMCI's own volunteer professors. For more information and pictures, please see our news article.