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Chinese Language Competitions

  • Chinese Language Competition, 2016  The first place winners of each language level pose together for a group picture.  
  • Chinese Language Competition, 2016  After the Chinese Language competition finished on Thursday, March 31st, 2016 the student participants, teachers, judges, and others posed for a group photo.  
  • Chinese Language Competition, 2014  The Chinese 400 level students present a debate with the topic, "Which city is better for foreigners: Beijing or Shanghai?"  
  • Chinese Language Competition, 2014  Chinese 100 level students Colleen Truskey picks out a gift while Elaine Yap tries to sell her stuff in their skit, "Journey to the Store."  
  • Chinese Language Competition, 2014  Chinese 300 level students Suro Kim and Tae Gyun Kim listen as Tang Yoon Park presents his ideas in their skit, "Weather Forecast."  
  • Chinese Language Competition, 2014  The Chinese 200 level 2nd and 3rd place prize winners, Liam Bench and Katherine Oliver, respectively, pose with Professor Qian Su and Judge Shulan Zhao.  
  • Chinese Language Competition, 2014  The Chinese 300 level 1st and 3rd place prize winners, Connor Docherty (second from right)and Henry Lipkin (second from left), respectively, pose with Professor Hua Ma and Judge Yi Hao.  
  • Chinese Language Competition, 2014  Winners of the title, Best Debater, Gillie Cuda and Sarah Rock, pose with Professors Lei Ma and Xuetang Yu and Judge Joanna Zhu.  
  • Chinese Language Competition, 2013  After all the contestants were finished and the prizes awarded, students and teachers pose for a group picture.  
  • Chinese Language Competition, 2012  The emcees for the 2012 Chinese Language Competition introduce the event to students, their families, and faculty  
  • Chinese Language Competition, 2012  Two students perform their skit together for the 2012 Chinese Language Competition.  
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WMCI and the Chinese Studies Program work together to hold a Chinese Language competition for W&M students, giving them a chance to display their Chinese skills and enjoy skits or speeches by their peers. A wide range of topics and themes provide a lively atmosphere for the W&M community to show how much fun it is to learn Chinese. 

2014 Chinese Language Competition

At the end of the 2014 Chinese Language Competition, there were many winners in each category. The Chinese 100 level 1st place winner was Honor Leahy, 2nd place went to Michael Silvidi, and 3rd to Byung Oh Jang. The team of Hye Ryun Son and Courtney Taitt came in 1st place for the Chinese 200 level, Liam Bench took 2nd place, and Katherine Oliver was 3rd.  For the 300 level Chinese students, Connor Docherty took 1st place, in 2nd place came the team of Suro Kim, Tae Gyun Kim, and Sang Yoon Park, and Henry Lipkin and Maria Loverde came in 3rd. For the 400 level Chinese competition, a debate about which was better, Shanghai or Beijing, took place. The pro-Beijing team, consisting of Chinese 403 students Rachel Faith, Jake Douglas, and Gillie Cuda won. Sarah Rock from the pro-Shanghai team and Gillie Cuda from the pro-Beijing team won the titles of Best Debater for their teams.