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2017 Chinese Photo Contest

  • Yak-herder
    Yak-herder  Yak-herder at Namtso, the sacred lake of Tibet. [1st Culture]  Danting Jiang
  • Two Cultures Combined
    Two Cultures Combined  This photo was taken inside a tulou (rural dwelling) in Fujian Province and shows the modern intertwined with the historic. [2nd Culture]  Colleen McBride
  • Morning Taiji Show
    Morning Taiji Show  The elderly practice Taiji together on Saturday mornings as a form of exercise. Changchun, Jilin Province [3rd Culture]  Shani Cave
  • The Summer Palace
    The Summer Palace  Summer Palace from an elevated view. Beijing. [1st Nature]  Anna Chahuneau
  • Mirror of the Sky
    Mirror of the Sky  The salt lake mirroring the sky and clouds. Qinghai Province. [2nd Nature]  Rui Yin
  • Night Return
    Night Return  A fisherman returns home just before sunset. Xining, Qinghai. [3rd Nature]  Junping Shi
  • Jinsha River
    Jinsha River  Taken during the W&M Marine Science Study Abroad Course, Summer 2016. Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan. [3rd Nature]  Steven Kuehl
  • Happy Smoker
    Happy Smoker  Old man in his ethnic dress smoking a pipe. Lijiang, Yunnan. [1st Miscellaneous]  Walker Smith
  • Winter Memories
    Winter Memories  Dried corn neatly aligned on a sill in the countryside. Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. [2nd Miscellaneous]  Dezhang Xu
  • Weaving the Colors of China
    Weaving the Colors of China  A woman from an ethnic minority group in Yunnan creates a colorful poncho. Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. [3rd Miscellaneous]  Yara Farah
  • Bird's Nest
    Bird's Nest  Beijing National Stadium, built for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Beijing. [1st Urban]  Victor Tuazon
  • Night View of the Bund
    Night View of the Bund  I fell in love with Shanghai when I saw this view the first night I arrived. [2nd Urban]  GyuHui Hwang
  • The Four Giants
    The Four Giants  The four most impressive buildings in Lujiazui. Shanghai. [3rd Urban]  Peter Brooks
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Above are the winners of the 2017 Chinese Photo Contest arranged by category. Their photos will be put on display by the Muscarelle in early April 2017 in the Sadler Center.