William & Mary

Matoaka Elementary School (Fall 2014-Present)

  • 2018 Spring
    2018 Spring  Volunteer Teacher Tingting Mei teaches a student how to play the Pipa.  
  • 2018 Spring
    2018 Spring  Volunteer Teacher Lianghao Liu teaches plum blossom ink painting.  
  • 2017 Fall
    2017 Fall  Volunteer teacher Kaiyan Gao teaches Matoaka Elementary School students to paint a panda using a brush and ink.  
  • 2017 Spring
    2017 Spring  Volunteer Teacher Xiaolu Ma plays the Erhu for students at Matoaka Elementary School.  
  • 2016 Fall
    2016 Fall  Elementary school students of the Matoka art group show off their Chinese crafts.  
  • 2015 Fall
    2015 Fall  Voulunteer Teacher Lu Cui and her art class students at Matoaka Elementary School show off their calligraphic works.  
  • 2015 Spring
    2015 Spring  Volunteer Teacher Feng Wang asks the Matoaka Elementary School art class about the Chinese instrument.  
  • 2015 Spring
    2015 Spring  Volunteer Teacher Feng Wang guides a student as he takes his turn trying to play the erhu.  
  • 2015 Spring
    2015 Spring  Volunteer Teacher Xiaojing Zou introduces Chinese paper cutting to the art class at Matoaka Elementary School.  
  • 2015 Spring
    2015 Spring  Before the paper cuttings can be made, Volunteer Teacher Xiaojing Zou shows the students how to fold the paper.  
  • 2015 Spring
    2015 Spring  Volunteer Teachers Xiaojing Zou and Feng Wang pause for a group picture with their art class students who display the papercuttings they've made.  
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