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Chinese Culture Spring Break Camps

  • Musical Instruments, 2018
    Musical Instruments, 2018  Volunteer Teacher Tingting Mei teaches Spring Break Camp participants how to play the ruan.  
  • Chinese Painting, 2018
    Chinese Painting, 2018  Spring Break Camp Participants show off their panda paintings.  
  • Blown Chinese Painting, 2017
    Blown Chinese Painting, 2017  Spring break camp participants and Volunteer Teacher Xiaolu Ma present their finished works  
  • Blue Porcelain, 2017
    Blue Porcelain, 2017  Spring break camp participants and Volunteer Teacher Yanmin Liu present their blue porcelain designs  
  • Traditional Chinese games, 2017
    Traditional Chinese games, 2017  Volunteer Teacher Yang Lu and spring break camp participants play traditional Chinese games  
  • Chinese games, 2017
    Chinese games, 2017  Volunteer Teacher Yanmin Liu and spring break camp participants play with shuttlecocks  
  • Paper Folding, 2016
    Paper Folding, 2016  Volunteer Teachers Mengxia Zhang and Junshu Fang show off their paper-folding creations with the campers  
  • Kite Making, 2016
    Kite Making, 2016  Volunteer Teachers Lu Cui and Mengxia Zhang oversee the campers as they paint various designs onto their handmade kites.  
  • Taiji, 2016
    Taiji, 2016  Chinese House Tutor Xu Han practices some Taiji with the kids, helping them get their basic forms perfect.  
  • Spring Break Camp, 2015
    Spring Break Camp, 2015  Children enjoy learning a traditional Chinese fan dance with volunteer teacher Yujing Luan in some beautiful spring weather.  
  • Spring Break Camp, 2015
    Spring Break Camp, 2015  Volunteer teacher Feng Wang teaches campers the interactive Chinese children's song 'Two Tigers'.  
  • Spring Break Camp, 2015
    Spring Break Camp, 2015  Volunteer teacher Xiaojing Zou and local children show off their 'double happiness' character creations in the paper cutting activity.  
  • Painting Class, 2014
    Painting Class, 2014  Yi Hao demonstrates how to make a panda with Chinese painting techniques.  
  • Taiji, 2014
    Taiji, 2014  While wearing a taiji uniform, Xuewei Hou teaches taiji to the students.  
  • Blown-ink Plum Trees, 2014
    Blown-ink Plum Trees, 2014  The students try to blow the ink on the paper to make plum tree branches.  
  • Kung Fu, 2014
    Kung Fu, 2014  The kids thank the teacher, Xuewei Hou, with traditional Kung Fu salute.  
  • Paper-cutting, 2014
    Paper-cutting, 2014  Peter shows off his paper-cut work.  
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Chinese Spring Break Camps at William and Mary Confucius Institute are designed for youngsters ages 6-12. Over the course of four days, children get to enjoy time with Chinese teachers while learning about Chinese culture, games, and language! Camp participants will enjoy learning about Chinese martial arts like Taiji and Kungfu, crafts like calligraphy, painting, origami, and paper-cutting, singing and music with instruments like the Pipa and Erhu, as well as languge phrases for beginners. Camp sessions are held from 10 am to noon each day. Space is limited to eight kids each year.