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  • Distinguished Scholar Lecture: Barry Naughton
    Distinguished Scholar Lecture: Barry Naughton  Join us on Thursday, March 30th from 4:00 to 5:30 in Blow Hall 201, where University of California San Diego professor Barry Naughton will give a lecture entitled "Is China Socialist?", where he will discuss the role that the Chinese government plays in the Chinese economy. You can find out more information {{http://www.wm.edu/sites/confuciusinstitute/announcements/wmci-distinguished-scholar-lecture-is-china-socialist-by-renowned-scholar-professor-barry-naughton.php, here}}.  
  • 2017 Chinese Photo Contest
    2017 Chinese Photo Contest  The William & Mary Confucius Institute is holding a {{http://www.wm.edu/sites/confuciusinstitute/announcements/2017-william--mary-confucius-institute-photo-contest.php, Chinese photo contest}}. We invite you to {{https://wmsurveys.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_aWAw6oJRRwqT2EB, submit}} the best photos that you have taken on your travels in China!  
  • Spring Community Courses
    Spring Community Courses  {{https://forms.wm.edu/form/view/17050/9191be4f69fbaa1988e5a8d9319b0152, Sign up}} for a variety fun and educational {{http://www.wm.edu/sites/confuciusinstitute/communityprogramming/communitylanguagecultureclasses/index.php, spring community courses}} ranging from Taiji to Chinese language!  
  • World Taiji and Qigong Day 2017
    World Taiji and Qigong Day 2017  Join us for World Taiji and Qigong Day 2017! Find out more {{http://www.wm.edu/sites/confuciusinstitute/announcements/world-taiji-and-qigong-day-2017.php, here}}  
  • Chinese Proficiency Tests
    Chinese Proficiency Tests  Get ready for {{http://www.wm.edu/sites/confuciusinstitute/other-resources/tests/index.php, Chinese Proficiency Tests}} coming up in 2016! Test dates can be found {{http://www.wm.edu/sites/confuciusinstitute/announcements/2016-chinese-proficiency-tests.php, here}}, make sure to {{http://www.chinesetest.cn/goliuchengtu.do,register}} in advance and study hard!  
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Come out and enjoy learning about Chinese language and culture this spring with WMCI's Spring 2017 events and courses! Chinese cooking, poetry, language, and more will be offered! This spring WMCI will host the Spring Festival celebration, welcome renowned UC San Diego Professor Barry Naughton for a distinguished scholar lecture, and hold World Taiji and Qigong Day, where visitors can experience martial arts firsthand. 

The William & Mary Confucius Institute (WMCI) is charged with promoting the study of Chinese language and culture at the College and in the Central and Southeastern regions of Virginia. The WMCI was established in 2011 and dedicated in 2012, joining a network of over 300 Confucius Institutes worldwide. It is the second Confucius Institute at a public university in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The WMCI is a collaborative program in partnership with Beijing Normal University (BNU) and the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban), a public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education.

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