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Young Leaders Fellowship

1. Purpose

    1) Support outstanding youths who have been awarded at least a Bachelor’s Degree and hold a certain position in the field of politics, economics, finance, law, education, culture, arts, and media to visit China;

    2) There are two ways in applying for the grant: (1) a plan will be made by the Headquarters and published at due time through and, applicants can apply accordingly; (2) applicants can make their own visit plan and submit it to the Headquarters;

    3) Support senior undergraduates or graduates holding a position in students’ associations at foreign universities to visit China.

    2. Duration

    From two weeks to six months.

    3. Eligibility

    • Non-Chinese citizen;

    • Being interested in public affairs, and aspire to make positive contributions to the exchange and collaboration between China and other countries.

    4. Application materials

    • Application form;

    • A letter of recommendation from the current employer and two from other referees;

    • A statement of purpose for the visit;

    • Priority is given to applicants who obtain a letter of recommendation from local Confucius Institutes, or the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) in your country.

    5. How to apply

    Applicants shall log in, download and fill in the application form, sign it before scanning it and sending it to, and then post the application forms and other supporting documents required (both Chinese and English versions) in one packet to the Confucius Institute Headquarters.

    6. Assessment Process

    Applicants will have a correspondence review from the expert panel of the Confucius China Studies Program.

    7. Funding

    • Accommodation and travel expenses in China;

    • Round-trip international airfare (economy class, to be reimbursed against actual cost);

    • Expenses for life and medical insurances in China.

Questions concerning grants by Hanban can be directored to Chinese Director [[dwang05, Deliang Wang]].

    AppendixApplication Form for Young Leaders Fellowship


    1. 项目内容




    2. 项目时间:2周至6个月。

    3. 申请资格

    • 非中国公民;

    • 关心公共事务,有志于为中外友好交流与合作做出积极贡献。

    4. 申请材料

    • 申请表;

    • 所在机构推荐信1封,其他人员推荐信2封;

    • 来华考察访学计划;

    • 有所在国孔子学院或中国驻当地使领馆推荐信者优先。

    5. 申请办法


    6. 评审


    7. 资助内容

    • 在华期间访问和食宿费用;

    • 国际往返旅费(经济舱,按实际费用报销);

    • 在华期间医疗和意外保险费等。