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Publication Grant by Hanban

    1. Purpose and Eligibility

    The Publication Grant supports foreign scholars to publish or translate relevant monographs, doctoral dissertations, or founding relevant academic journals on Sinology and/or China Studies. The leading applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen.

    2. Application materials

    • A brief description of the nature and scope of the publication project and its importance to the field;

    • At least a 30-page sample in Chinese;

    • A budget;

    • Letters of recommendation from at least 2 referees in the area of the proposal;

    • Publisher contract or letter of intent from foreign publishers with a specified timeline for completion of the project.

    3. How to apply

    Applicants shall log in at, download and fill in the application form, sign it before scanning it and sending it to, and then post the application forms and other supporting documents required (both Chinese and English versions) in one packet to the Confucius Institute Headquarters.

    4. Funding

    The grant covers expenses for editing, translation, publication, circulation and advertising. The exact expenses will be approved according to the application.

   Questions concerning grants by Hanban can be directored to Chinese Director [[dwang05, Deliang Wang]].

    AppendixApplication Form for Publication Grant 






    • 关于出版项目内容和范围的描述,以及作品对该领域的重要意义;

    • 至少30页的中文样稿;

    • 出版预算;

    • 2名以上相关领域学者推荐信;

    • 外国出版机构开具的出版协议或意向书。

    3. 申请办法


    4. 资助内容