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International Conference Grant by Hanban

    1. Purpose

    The International Conference Grant supports Confucius Institutes, universities, research institutes, and scholars in holding or attending international academic conferences on Sinology and/or China Studies.

    2. How to apply

    Applicants shall log in at, download and fill in the application form, sign it before scanning it and sending it to, and then post the application forms and other supporting documents required (both Chinese and English versions) in one packet to the Confucius Institute Headquarters.

    • The sponsors of the conference shall submit application documents, including the theme, scale, and budget of the conference.

    • Participants in the conference shall submit an invitation of sponsors, an outline for speeches, as well as budgets for accommodation, transportation, and registration fees for the conference.

    3. Assessment Process

    The application will be examined and reviewed by the expert panel of the Confucius China Studies Program.

    4. Funding

    • The accommodation and travel expenses of conference speakers;

    • Registration fees;

    • Publication fees of conference proceedings.

    Questions concerning grants by Hanban can be directored to Chinese Director [[dwang05, Deliang Wang]].

    AppendixApplication Form for International Conference Grant


    1. 项目内容


    2. 申请办法和提交材料

    • 登陆ccsp.chinese.cn下载并填写《申请表》,签字后扫描发送到,并将原件及其它全部申请材料(中英文版本)寄至孔子学院总部。

    • 举办会议者提交申请材料,包括会议主题、规模和经费预算等。

    • 参加会议者须提交举办方邀请信、会议发言提纲以及食宿、交通、学术注册费等预算内容。

    3. 评审


    4. 资助内容

    • 会议发言人食宿、交通费用;

    • 学术注册费;

    • 会议论文编辑出版。