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Faculty Funding Opportunities

The William & Mary Confucius Institute (WMCI) offers a variety of funding opportunities to William & Mary faculty and staff.

China-Focused or Related Lectures

Funds to support public lectures by distinguished scholars, artists, and practitioners whose visits will contribute to promoting the study of Chinese language and culture at William & Mary.

Faculty Conference Travel/ Research Grants

Grants for W&M faculty who are presenting papers at international or domestic conferences on China-focused topics or conducting research projects in China.

On-Campus Performances, Colloquia and Conferences

Support for William & Mary faculty who are hosting on-campus performances, colloquia and conferences that will contribute to promoting the study of Chinese language and culture at W&M.

“Understanding China” Fellowship by Hanban

1. “Understanding China” Visiting Scholar to China

This program supports teachers, researchers, postdoctoral scholars (with the credential of Assistant Professor or above) from foreign universities and academic institutes to undertake research with scholars in China.

 2. “Understanding China” Short-Term Visit

The “Understanding China” Short-Term Visit program supports officials from government or non-government organizations, scholars from cultural and educational institutions as well as professionals from corporations and businesses to travel to China.

3.  “Understanding China” Chinese Visiting Scholar

This program supports senior-level Chinese scholars to teach credit-bearing courses on Chinese economics, business, finance, law, culture, etc. in foreign universities. Scholars can also give lectures at Confucius Institutes in the host country or neighboring countries.

International Conference Grant by Hanban

The International Conference Grant is aimed at supporting Confucius Institutes, universities, research institutes, and individual scholars to hold or attend international academic conferences on China Studies.

Publication Grant by Hanban

Publication Grant supports foreign scholars to publish or translate relevant monographs, doctoral dissertations, or founding relevant academic journals on China Studies.