WMCI Community Classes

This summer, WMCI will offer the following community courses for Session I (April 30 to May 24): Chinese Level I,  III and IV, Chinese Traditional Instruments, Chinese Painting-Fruits and Flowers, Chinese Calligraphy, and Traditional Chinese Customs

The follow classes begin immediately after Session I and will be from May 28 to June 21:  Chinese Level II, III, and IV and Chinese Painting-Animals, Flowers, and Landscapes.

Session II (June 4 to June 28) will offer Ancient Sounds: Traditional Chinese Music, Pipa, Preparing to Travel in China, and Tea Culture and Appreciation in China. In addition, Introductory Yang Style Taiji and Beginning Qigong will be offered from June 4 to August 6.

The cost for each course is $10/class, to be paid in full on the first day of class. In general, each session holds 8 classes per course ($80). In spring 2018, the Cooking Class will have four classes, costing $40. W&M faculty, staff, and students always receive a 50% discount (e.g. $40 for 8 classes). Payment is due on the first day of class and accepted by cash or check. Please make a check payable to: The College of William and Mary. 

Please sign up today to secure your spot, as the classes are filling up quickly!

Beginning Chinese

Open to students of all skill levels, this class covers the basic phonetics, grammar, and writing systems of conversational Chinese. The lessons integrate Chinese Culture, including character etymology and relevant holidays, with each lesson. The class places most emphasis on listening and speaking.

Chinese Painting

Chinese painting is a delicate art form that emphasizes the beauty of simple, flowing brush strokes and graceful designs.  It combines the arts of poetry, calligraphy, painting, and seal engraving. The class will provide students with fundamental knowledge of Chinese painting and expose them to a variety of traditional painting techniques, thereby reflecting time-honored principles of Chinese philosophy and culture.

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy, the most revered of fine arts in China, is closely linked to Chinese culture, aesthetics, philosophy, and history. The class is designed to help students appreciate the unique beauty of this art form and learn how to write traditional Chinese characters with a bamboo brush. Students will understand the way calligraphy is integral to various aspects of Chinese culture, improving the students' cultural proficiency and writing. The course's main emphasis is individuality and creativity while practicing the age-old techniques.

Traditional Chinese Customs 

Because of China’s long history and diverse people, the country has developed many unique traditions. This course will teach students about traditional   Chinese customs, including weddings, daily life, festivals and holidays, raising children, table manners, regional specialties from different parts of China, and interacting with other family members, as well as other members of society. During class, students will see pictures and videos taken in traditional China, and  interact with each other to practice what they have learned.

Preparing to Travel in China

This course is designed for those who dream of traveling to China or simply want to know more about Chinese culture. Topics will include places of interest in China, expressions to use while traveling, and Chinese dos and don’ts. Come join us to learn more about Chinese language and culture in a class focused on travel and practical use.

Chinese Traditional Instruments

Learn the historical background, development and unique characteristics of a number of traditional Chinese instruments.

Ancient Sounds: Traditional Chinese Music

Join WMCI to learn about the history of one of China’s most prevalent art forms! Classes will include listening to and discussing pieces of music, as well as building an understanding of the unique sounds each instrument produces.


Originally from India, the Pipa (琵琶) has been at the heart of traditional Chinese music for over 2,000 years. In this class, Students will be introduced to the instrument through basic notes and techniques, while being exposed to more complex classical pieces that will enhance their understanding of Chinese musical culture.

Tea Culture and Appreciation in China

This class will focus on discussions about the role of tea in Chinese culture and society, and participants will be able to enjoy delicious Chinese tea!

Introductory Yang Style Taiji and Beginning Qigong 

Taijiquan is a centuries old Chinese internal martial art with many proven health benefits including improved balance, breathing, posture, heart health, stress relief, pain relief, mindfulness and more. Yang style is the second oldest of the five major taijiquan families and is the most widely practiced form of taijiquan in the world.  Qigong is thousands of years old and translates as "energy work." It also leads to harmony and balance in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


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