Ruihua Zhang

Intern (January 2012 - May 2012)

After graduated from Beijing Normal University Law School,  Ruihua went to William & Mary Law School to pursue her LL.M. degree, where she joined the Confucius Institute at the eve of the Grand Opening 2012. Although Ruihua had been a law student for five years, she always plant a dream in her heart:  founding a nonprofit organization for Chinese children's educational rights. To become more competitive to this role, Ruihua has begun to equip herself with public relations skills while she was still in the law school. Even though Ruihua just spent one semester interning at WMCI, she enjoyed working there very much and fruited life-long relationships with WMCI staff. Upon the graduation last year, Ruihua moved to DC to chase her nonprofit dream, and now she is a student of PR/Corporate Communications program at Georgetown University where she is going to boost her professional skills in PR area. During the breaks, Ruihua would always come back to the Burg to enjoy a reunion with WMCIers.