CJ Anderson

Intern (January 2015- May 2015)

CJ Anderson (安德信), a sophomore majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, is a new intern at the William & Mary Confucius Institute.   CJ began studying Chinese in high school, which was where he was first exposed China and the Chinese language (thank you Ms. Cohan!).  He spent a summer in Beijing before beginning his junior year of high school, visiting many tourist attractions while balancing his studying, and plans to return to China in the immediate future.  At William & Mary, CJ enjoys reading, writing, exercising, practicing piano, and hopes to learn as much as possible about Chinese culture.  He is especially interested in China’s long history, Confucian and Daoist philosophy, Chinese performing and visual arts, and hopes to learn how to play the Guqin or Guzheng in the future!  Most importantly, CJ loves eating Chinese food, especially baozi, jiaozi, and all other types of cakes and noodle dishes!