Guanxin Shi

Visiting Professor

Email: [[gshi]]
Office: Rowe 204


Guanxin Shi(史冠新)is a visiting professor from Qingdao University working for the William and Mary Confucius Institute. He got his BA, MA, and PhD from Shandong University.

He has been teaching Chinese for speakers of other languages since 1987, both in China and in foreign countries, such as Japan, Mexico, and Germany. As a Master’s instructor, he has taught postgraduate courses in linguistics and Chinese grammar at Qingdao University. His main research fields are Chinese grammar and Chinese teaching.

He is a member of State Instructive Committee for Master’s in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.

He will do his best to be an excellent teacher both in Chinese language and culture teaching at the William and Mary Confucius Institute.