Feng Wang

Student Intern (January 2015 - December 2015)

Office: Rowe 203
Email: fwang03@wm.edu

Feng Wang (王凤)joined the Confucius Institute at William & Mary in January, 2015. She is currently a graduate student at Beijing Normal University majoring in Musicology. She specializes in playing and teaching traditional Chinese musical instruments, specifically the erhu and flute. During her study at BNU,she worked as an intern music teacher at both elementary and high schools. From 2011 to 2014, she worked as an erhu teacher at Primary School No.80 and Jingshan Middle School in Beijing. She won first place in many competitions at home and abroad, such as the 2014 Silver Award of “National Musical Instrument Ensemble ” in the Fifth Session of “National Youth Chinese Musical Instruments Competition”,Silver Award of Chinese National Music Alliance’s (CNMA’s) International Chinese Music Chamber Orchestra Competition 2013,Wen Hua Prize of “Traditional Musical Instrument Ensemble Competition” 2012,Silver Award of Pieces Division-The “Liu Tian Hua” Cup in the Second International Hu-Qin Hong Kong Finals 2011, and Best Instrumental Performance (Group B) in the First Dunhuang Cup Erhu Competition 2010.

Feng has also participated in numerous international exchange performances. In 2011, she went to Sweden and Denmark to participate in a Confucius Institute Performance Tour organized by Hanban. During the tour, she repeatedly performed as a soloist. As a member of BNU student art group,she often takes part in TV programs of CCTV such as “Graduation Song”, “Feng Hua Guo Yue”, and more.

To appreciate her work, you may watch her 2009 Graduation Ceremony erhu performance here!