Commencement Award Nominations

Nomination deadline: Announced spring 2015.

Nominations for Commencement awards may be submitted using the online form or by sending a letter to Dr. Virginia Ambler, Chair of the Commencement Committee, in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Award Info
Nominating Tips
  • Be sure to refer to the criteria for each award before drafting a nomination and address how the person you are nominating reflects the relevant criteria.
  • Each nomination must be submitted on a separate form.
  • You may nominate a student for more than one award, and you may nominate more than one person for a given award. You may not nominate a given student for the same award more than once. (In other words, you may nominate Student A for two different awards and you may nominate Student A and Student B for the same award, but you may not nominate Student A for the Carr Cup twice.)
  • Nominations should be informative, citing specific examples as to why the individual would be a worthy recipient. We recommend you review previous award recipient citations to see what information is helpful in a nomination letter.  Here are previous citations that may help guide you as you compose your nomination letter:

Please email [[w|commencement,Commencement]], or call 757-221-1236