Charter Day Challenge

Social Media Contest

How to play:

Complete all three challenges and be among the first 50 people to submit all required items via email to [[contest]].

To complete a challenge, participants must post what is requested to either Twitter or Instagram and use the #CharterDayChallenge hashtag.


February 10, 11:59 p.m.

Required items:
  • Screenshots of each of the three challenges you have completed
  • Your full name and CSU box number (student) or mailing address (non-student)

2019 Charter Day ScarfThe first 50 people to complete all three challenges and email the required items to [[contest]] will receive a free Charter Day scarf.

Challenge One:

Let's celebrate. Share a birthday, inauguration and/or re-investiture message or greeting.

Challenge Two:

Scholar & athlete, author & analyst, traveler & trailblazer... Share two photos — separate or together — that show two different sides of your life at W&M.

Challenge Three:

It's time to show off your Charter Day pride: Take a selfie wearing your 2019 Charter Day pin (Hint: these complimentary pins are available at the Charter Day ceremony).