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Adventure Race FAQs

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How do I register for the Adventure Race?

Current W&M students may register on Eventbrite.

Register Now

I am not a current W&M student. May I register for the Adventure Race?

No. Only students currently enrolled at W&M are eligible to participate.

Starting the Race
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How do I begin the virtual Adventure Race?

You will receive an email with all the materials you need to begin the virtual race!

Do I need a smartphone or computer to compete?

Yes! You will need a computer and/or a smartphone. Your final race materials will be submitted virtually via an online form.

Completing (and Winning!) the Virtual Race
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How do players win or earn points?

Points are earned based on the number of challenges completed and puzzles answered correctly. In the event of a tie, all players who are tied for the high score will be entered into a raffle for the grand prize.

What kinds of challenges are in the race?

The race includes Challenge Stations and puzzles. The Challenge Stations are hosted on Zoom by W&M organizations and feature unique activities you will need to complete to earn points. Puzzle challenges are provided at the start of the race, and your puzzle answers should be submitted virtually upon completion of the race. You will receive a link to the submission form via email.

What prizes are awarded to the winners?

All players that obtain a perfect score – completing all challenges and answering all puzzles correctly – will be placed in a raffle for prizes to be announced in the race's virtual Award Ceremony. If no teams secure a perfect score, the grand prize will be awarded to the player that scores the most points during the race. Any ties will be broken through raffle drawings amongst the tied players.

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Where can I contact the organizer with any additional questions?

Feel free to get in touch with the organizers via email ( The Charter Day Adventure Race is produced by AVAdventure Productions.