Accessible Events Guidelines

Event Planning Guidelines for Faculty & Staff

William & Mary strives to be inclusive to all members of the community and campus visitors, including those with disabilities. Taking care to create an accessible event benefits all participants and allows everyone to maximize participation. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act William & Mary is responsible for ensuring access to programs, events and activities.

Events are attended by members of the William & Mary community (faculty, staff, students) and members of the general public.  Students requesting accommodations can be directed to Student Accessibility Services at [[sas]].  Employees requesting accommodations can be directed to Sharron Gatling in the Office of Diversity & Inclusion at [[ssgatl]]. 

These guidelines are provided to assist university departments/offices in accessibility planning for events.   

Who is responsible for making events accessible? What about the cost?

Accessibility is everyone's responsibility and is a university-wide effort.  William & Mary departments are responsible for ensuring, to the best of their ability, that their programs, events, services and activities are accessible.  Advanced planning for accessibility will maximize participation for all.

Generally, costs associated with disability access are considered part of the overall cost for the event.  Most accommodations cost little or nothing at all to implement.  Should you encounter an issue with the cost of an accommodation request, please contact Carla Costello, ADA/504 Coordinator [[cacostello]]


General questions about accommodations or accessibility for your event, including inquires from members of the public, can be directed to Carla Costello, ADA/504 Coordinator at [[cacostello]].

You can also reference these frequently asked questions (pdf forthcoming).  

Advertising the Event

Ask participants about their need for accommodations.  All publications for your event should include information about requesting accommodations and who to contact to make the request.  Below is a sample message to include in your advertisements:

If you need an accommodation related to a disability please contact [name of event contact, phone number and email] no later than [insert specific date which is generally, 10 days prior to the event.] Accommodation requests received later than [date] will be provided to the extent possible.  

It is imperative to follow up on any accommodation request received.  If you are unable to meet a specific request, discuss possible alternative arrangements.  The ADA Coordinator can provide guidance and assistance if needed.   

Last Updated August 2019