Global Playground

10k acts

We are proud to recognize Global Playground for the compassionate work they do in our global community. Their mission "to raise awareness and share resources with people of the developing world to create educational opportunities where they do not exist," is one we affirm wholeheartedly.

In addition to upholding the values of the Charter, Global Playground upholds William & Mary values. Recent William & Mary graduates, including Kendall Lorenzen, have been instrumental to the efforts of this organization. Here's more from Kendall: 

What's the role of compassion in Global Playground? 

At the heart of compassion lies action. When someone is compassionate, they are compelled to change lives, regardless of the barriers in their way. Global Playground recognizes this, and responds by working to impact communities around the world by building educational infrastructure and facilitating cross-cultural dialogue. Through Global Playground’s cross-cultural initiatives, we instill compassion in our students, empowering them to take action in their local communities. Currently we are spearheading a project called 100,000 Acts of Kindness. We are challenging students across the world to collectively take action and practice kindness.

How does education eliminate the problems you see in underdeveloped countries?

The poem, "When You Give a Girl a Book", answers this question well: "When you give a girl a book, she will ask for another."

Education is addictive. It gives students opportunities to deeply engage the world around them, to turn curiosity into passion, and to build more compassionate communities. Children have an enthusiasm for learning, and giving them a place to exercise their curious hearts and minds allows them to choose their future rather than inherit one.

What other unique information would you like others to know about Global Playground?

Ten years ago Global Playground was founded by two William & Mary alumni who were driven to make a difference. That force still guides Global Playground today, as our team is made up of W&M students, alumni, and professors. Above all, Global Playground is only as strong as its donors, many of whom are members of the W&M family. 

If you'd like to get your classroom/school involved in cross-cultural curriculum with Global Playground, email Kendall at