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Francis Tanglao Aguas

Asian Centennial Co-Chair

Office: Boswell 123
Phone: 757-221-2684


The creative work of Professor Aguas explores the drama in American diversity and the beauty in world theatre traditions steeped in indigenous cultures and folklore.

He has been awarded the Don Carlos Palanca Award in Literature, the Philippines most prestigious literary prize for When the Purple Settles.

He collaborated with William & Mary faculty and students to create Ramayana La'ar (Virginia Gazette's Best Play of 2007) and Sitayana: Journey of Womanhood (2013.)

As a solo performer, Professor Aguas has performed in the US, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. His solo work includes The Sarimanok Travels and The Imelda Marcos of the Philippines International Dictator Training Lecture Series.

In 2017, his latest solo piece Do Die Deter 30 dramatizing the on-going extra-judicial killings in the Philippines premiered in Malaysia.

Routledge published his monologue on Filipino comfort women of World War II in both the male and female editions of Monologues for Actors of Color, edited by Roberta Uno.

In 2020, Professor Aguas founded Aguas Arts Ink, an arts production company with a view to diversifying imaginations and creative landscapes.

As a university administrator, Professor Aguas is the founding director emeritus of Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies at William & Mary and was program director of Africana Studies from 2012 to 2016. He is currently the Coordinator of the Global Studies programs.


APIA-THEA 222 - Acting Asian American: The Performance of Identity
APIA-THEA 332 - Sex & Race in Plays & Films: Dramatizing Diversity 
APIA 444 - Filipino American & Diaspora Studies
APIA 445 - Korean American Diaspora Studies
THEA 317 - Playwriting
THEA 333 - South & South East Asian Folklore Performance

Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies & Research Initiative

Professor Aguas is the founding Program Director of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Studies Program (APIA).

Freeman Intern Fellowships in Asia

Professor Aguas is Faculty Director of the APIA-AMES Freeman Intern Fellowships in Asia program, that funds internships in East Asia through a generous grant from the Freeman Foundation.