Trift II TofSIMS Procedure for Shut Down

  1. Disable the Sample HV. Enter the Watcher Program and go to the Service Mode, options (phiphi), and change the Sample HV from Enabled to Disabled.
  2. Turning off the Multiple Pump Control (MPC) for the LMIG Ion Pump and the Spectrometer Ion Pump
    1. On the keypad, on the front of the electronics panel, push Key 9 (High Voltage Operate). Supply 2 (Spectrometer Ion Pump) and Supply 1 (LMIG Ion Pump) should read Hi V – On.
      1. Push Display Select for Supply 1 and Supply 2 to read Hi V – OFF. Push the Enter Key on the Keypad to accept this. Supply 1 & 2 will turn off.
    2. Shut off the main power to the MPC (On/Off switch located on the MPC panel).
  3. Turning off the Turbo Pumps for the Introduction Chamber and the Sample Chamber.
    1. For the Chamber Turbo Pump, go to the Watcher Program, Service Mode, options (phiphi), and change the Chamber Turbo pump from Pumping to Stopped mode.onoff
    2. For the Intro Turbo Pump, change the Intro Turbo from Pumping to Stopped mode.
    3. Make sure the Turbo Pumps are turned off at the front of the electronics panel.
  4. Close the Watcher program and Wincadence, then shut down the computer.
  5. Turn Main Power Off (it is the red button located above the yellow loss of vacuum light on the front of the electronics panel).