Hummer 6.2 Sputter Coater

The Hummer 6.2 is a system that performs controlled cold temperature deposition for SEM sample preparation, evenly coating irregularly shaped specimens with conductive material while preventing thermal damage.

Uses a process in which ions impacting a metal source dislodge metal atoms, which then spread out through the sputter chamber to evenly and thoroughly coat a sample, with conductive material.

Three different sputtering modes:

  • Plating mode (pdf): Used to plate a specimen with a metal; best for SEM sample preparation, uses gold/palladium source.
  • Etching mode (pdf): Used to remove material from a specimen by removing non-bonded surface material, providing a clean surface for sputter coating and allowing for better adhesion.
  • Plasma mode (pdf): Used to outgas and clean materials before coating.

Standard Features and Specifications:

  • 2 nanometer grain size
  • Magnetically enhanced sputter head
  • 3" diameter sample stage with 2" vertical adjustment
  • 22" long x 20" wide x 22" high
  • Power output of 0-300 volts, 0-30 milliamps