HIROX Current Capabilities

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HIROX Main Control Unit
High resolution color CCD (2.1 million pixels, 1600 x 1200 resolution) digital camera unit and internal light source (Metal Halide ARC Light Source) with Measurement, Multi Focus, 2D and 3D Tiling, and Dynamic Eye, and LAN features. Analog output USB, Serial, and (S-video BNC) for Dynamic image recording

Lighting Method Co-axial Lighting

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hirox 7700

Hirox 10x Co-axial zoom lens

Field of View

  • OL-350: 0.103 ~ 0.812
  • OL-700: 0.052 ~ 0.406

Working Distance

  • OL-350: 10.6mm
  • OL-700: 3.4mm

Depth of Field

  • OL-350: 2.5 ~ 40µm (115TV Lines)
  • OL-700: 0.8 ~ 11µm (115TV Lines)
Contrast Switch
Objective lens 350x-3500x
Magnification - 350-3500x

Field of View - 903-94µm

Working Distance-10.6mm

Depth of Field (115 TV Lines)

  • 350x - 40µm
  • 1050x - 7.6µm
  • 3500x - 2.5µm
OL 350
Starch Gluten 3000X
Starch Gluten 3000x
350x Drosophila Image
Wing of Drosophila 350x

Objective lens 700x- 7000x
Magnification - 700-7000x

Field of View – 444-47µm

Working Distance-3.4mm

Depth of Field (115 TV Lines)

  • 700x - 11µm
  • 2100x – 2.4µm
  • 7000x – 0.8µm
Field of View -0.8 ~ 11µm (115TV Lines)

Working Distance-3.4mm
ol 700II
CCD Chip 7000X
CCD Chip 7000x
Eye of Fly
Eye of Drosophila
(700x Multi Focus)
Optical rotary adapter for MX(CX,SX)-10C
Patented Item

This gives 3D rotation and more contrast and depth of field
The adapter has an eccentric pin hole that can be rotated. As it rotates, the light and shadows of the micro object also rotates. This unique lighting technique often makes it possible to observe the surface structure that would have other wise gone unnoticed or even unseen. . This adapter works up to 7000x.
AD 10RHair 4200X
Hair Image at 4200x with Optical Rotary Adapter
Hirox Auto Z-Axis Focus Block
Hirox Special Cable between CT-7 and ST-HZ
Hirox 2 Axis Controller, Combined with KH-3000 and ST-HZ, Auto Focus, Height Measurement, Auto Multi Focus (Image blending-etc)
Hirox 32 mm Vertical Post with base plate
Hirox XY Stage for backlight use for use with stands ST-HE, ST-HN, ST-HU
Analog to Digital video recorder
21 inch high resolution LCD Monitor
Marble vibration isolation table
Isolation cabinet