ARC Used Equipment Inventory List

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Serial No
ARC12345 G00009932 Regulated DC Power Supply H-36615   Kepco
ARC12346 A00005166 Regulated DC Power Supply A-14607   Lamda
ARC12347 G00009906 Regulated DC Power Supply C44351   HB
ARC12348 G00036024 Regulated DC Power Supply C46083   HB
ARC12349   Dynotrac 391A lock-in amplifier 28496 391A Ithaco
ARC12350   Universal DC Power Source 6150   Power Designs Inc
ARC12351   Gun Power Supply 9004    
ARC12352   485 AutoRanging PicoAmmeter     Keithley
ARC12353 ET-0001299 617 Programmable Electrometer   617 Keithley
ARC12354 G00035865 617 Programmable Electrometer   617 Keithley
ARC 12355 A00005386 610 BR Electrometer 610BR   Keithley
ARC 12356 G00009955 RF Vector Empedence Meter 1205A01909 4815A Hewlett Packard
ARC12357 A00056276 RF Spectrum Analyzer 2607A03059 8569B Hewlett Packard
ARC12358 ET0001692 307 Vacuum Guage Controller 7823   Granville-Phillips
ARC12359   Regulated Power Supply     PMC (Power/Mate Corp)
ARC12360   Power Supply     Kepco
ARC12361   Ocsilloscope 220162   Data Precision
ARC12362 G00036028 Power Supply E126230   Kepco
ARC12363 ET0000285 Power Supply E13229   Kepco
ARC12364   Ion Guage Controller 6058   IGC
ARC12365   Variable Phase Function Generator 419694 203A Hewlett Packard
ARC12366   Regulated DC Power Supply     Hewlett Packard
ARC12367   3403C True RMS Voltmeter 417902   Hewlett Packard
ARC12368   Storage Oscilloscope B133736 710R Tektronix
ARC12369   Pulse Generator 921-06039 214A Hewlett Packard
ARC12370   Power Supply 132600 APH500M Kepco
ARC12371 A00054789 Atom Source Controller     DACO Technologies
ARC12372   Ionization Gauge 1287 971-0003 Varian Associates
ARC12373   400 l/s Noble Vac Ion Pump Control Unit 108 921-0045 Varian
ARC12374   Ultec Boostivac Ion Pump Control 102842   Perkin Elmer
ARC12375 A00056524 Power Amplifier 1140 LA   ENI
ARC12376 G00014060 Regulated Power Supply LK361-FMOV   Lamda Electronics
ARC12377     M918552007 NT 150/360 Lebold
ARC12378   Harrison 6110ADC Power Supply 6E0408 6110A Hewlett Packard
ARC12379   Dual Amplifier 1145A00543 8447A Hewlett Packard
ARC12380   Frequency Counter 1732A09433 5381A Hewlett Packard
ARC12381   Frequency Counter 1732A09452 5381A Hewlett Packard
ARC12382   Convectron Gauge 49930 275 Granville Phillips
ARC12383   Vacuum Gauge 25-0096 IG3 Inficon
ARC12384   Signal Conditioning Unit   781 Applied Geomechanics
ARC12385   Thickness Rate Monitor   STM-100/MF Sycon
ARC12386   AMP-6 88 AMP-6 Vatell
ARC12387   Temperature Controller 1M-921C   Omega
ARC12388   Isolation Transformer 108-04618 1604 BK Precision
ARC12389   Vacion Pump Control Unit   921-0062 Varian
ARC12390   DCV     Simpson
ARC12391   2 MHz Function Generator   20 Wavetek
ARC12392   59313A A/D Converter   HP-1B Hewlett Packard
ARC12393   Regulated DC Power Supply   ABC Kepco
ARC12394   VariableAuto Transformer     Staco Energy Products Co
ARC12395   Universal Counter   5316A Hewlett Packard
ARC12396   50 MHz Pulse/Function Generator   8116A Hewlett Packard
ARC12397   L-probe Voltage Amp     Preston
ARC12398   4302 Dual 24dB/Octave filter     Ithaco
ARC12399   Matchbox Control      
ARC12400   Power Supply AMNPS2   RF Plazma products
ARC12401   Variable Voltage Supply PZM   Tropel, Inc
ARC12402   Vacuum Gauge type 660   MKS
ARC12403   Vacuum System Control TOPS 110   LH
ARC12404   Hollow Cathode Lamp Supply   C610 Cathodeon
ARC12405   Matchwork Control unit     Eni Power System
ARC12406   Lock-in Amplifier     Stanford
ARC12407   Ionization Gauge     Varian
ARC12408   Two Channel Gated Photon Counter     Stanford
ARC12409 G00009948 RF Power Amplifier A-300   EIN
ARC12410   Pulse Generator 8004A   Hewlett Packard
ARC12411   Bipolar Operational Power Supply     Kepco
ARC12412   Turbotronik NT 1600/1500   Leybold
ARC12413   AM-10 KF Auto Match Network 506-06423c   RF Plazma products
ARC12414   Rotary Vacuum Pump     Super Line
ARC12415   Ion Pump Control Unit H1-023 9210066 Varian
ARC12416   Titanium Sublimation Pump Control Unit 782 922-0032 Varian
ARC12417 G00009822 DC Power Supply C44350 HB2AM Kepco
ARC12418 A00004641 Electrometer 26340 610A Keithley
ARC12419   Power Supply E107058 APH500M Kepco
ARC12420   Power Supply 188410265 BPA-10F Powermate Corp
ARC12421 G00009924 DC Power Supply 1030 407DR Fluke
ARC12422   Ion Pump Control Unit w/ cable A1-014 921-0062 Varian
ARC12423 A00054797 Electron Gun Power Supply 331 981-2145 Varian
ARC12424   Auger Gun Control module 331 981-2145 Varian
ARC12425 G00014093 Sweep Generator 429 1200 Krohn-hite
ARC12426   Electrometer I9-005 981-2047 Varian
ARC12427 A00054796 Electron Gun Contol Unit 145 981-2745 Varian
ARC12428   Electron Gun Power Supply     RM Jordan Co
ARC12429   Auger Mapping Control K4-001 981-2775 Varian
ARC12430   SIMS grid control unit      
ARC12431 ET0000791 High Intensity Light Source 220 66021 Driel Corp
ARC12432   RF Generator   HFS3000D RF Plazma products
ARC12433   RF Generator   HFS3000D RF Plazma products
ARC12434   Vacuum Guage 269 SL-1R Hastings
ARC12435   Turbo Pump Controller L-00177 TCP121 Balzers
ARC12436   Turbo Pump Controller 7002137 TCP121 Balzers
ARC12437   Turbo Pump Controller R-01064 TCP121 Balzers
ARC12438   Turbo Pump Controller BG546900AT1970 TPG300 Balzers
ARC12439   Digital Multimeter 41501 8800A Fluke
ARC12440   Turbo Pump Controller w/ cable S-00255 TCP015 Balzers
ARC12441   Turbo Pump Controller PMC01475AL00111 TCP121 Balzers
ARC12442 G36216 Optical spectroscopy System 300462 spectraPro300i Action Research Corp
ARC12443 A56775 Barnstead E-Pure Dionization system 10900309343H D4641 Barnstead International
ARC12444   Buehler Minimet 1000 Polisher/Grinder 494-MNF-00260 69-110 Buehler
ARC12445 Chemat KW-4A Precision Spin-Coater 2201 KW-4A Chemat Technology Inc.  
ARC12446   Cole-Palmer Ultrasonic Cleaner QAA030021286D 8890R-MT Cole-Palmer
ARC12447   Stereo Zoom 4 Microscope   Stereo Zoom 4 Leica
ARC12448   Gryphon Diamond Band Saw   Model-C Gryphon
ARC12449   6" V-Speed Bench Grinder 9912 23-645 Delta
ARC12450   Low speed diamond wheel saw 650 53095 SBT 650 Southbay Technology
ARC12451   Olympus microscope AH2 606010 Vanox-T AH2 Olympus
ARC12452   Ultrasonic cleaning generator G-0402198 5300 Ultrasonic Power Corp.
ARC12453   Lindberg/Blue M Gravity convection oven SW-7157 SW-17TA1 Blue M Electric
ARC12454   Isotemp Oven 909N0128 737F Fisher Scientific
ARC12455   Blue M Stabil-Therm Oven D1445 DL-11C-2 Blue M Electric
ARC12456   Oscilloscope B028541 2215 Tektronix
ARC12457   AC/DC Power Supply UA-0783 SF-9582 Pasco Scientific
ARC12458   VAT Gate Valve Controller F60120-41 640 VC-GAPR VAT Switzerland
ARC12459   Multimeter 1956153 2000 Keithley
ARC12460   AutoRanging PicoAmmeter 876266 485 Keithley
ARC12461   AutoRanging PicoAmmeter 638565 485 Keithley
ARC12462 G36023 AutoRanging Multimeter 352763 175 Keithley
ARC12463 A53994 PicoAmmeter 10173 480 Keithley
ARC12464   Turbo Pump Controller P8E-3413 NT150/360 Leybolk
ARC12465   Roughing Pump T669 Duo 2.5A Balzers
ARC12466   Directional RF Wattmeter   PM-30 VCI Electronics
ARC12467   Dry Roughing Pump 23326901 MZ-2 Vacuubrand
ARC12468   Convectron Gauge   275 Granville-Phillips
ARC12469   Turbo Controller 4039 CFV 100 Alcatel
ARC12470   Shop Press 14590 12 Ton Northern Tool
ARC12471 A54566 Abraser 976194 5130 Taber Industries
ARC12472   RMS Multimeter 16301779 2833 BK Precision
ARC12473   Soldering Station 020-097-A-004-38553 MBT 350 Pace
ARC12474   Function Generator 213-00279 3040 BK Precision
ARC12475 A56308 Wire Saw 279/00 WS-22 Prinston Scientific
ARC12476   Rotomix 1097031039748 M48215 Barnstead International
ARC12477   Magnetic Stirer 93395 H1190M Hanna intruments
ARC12478 A56416 Oscilloscope B015749 TDS 3032 Tektronix
ARC12479   Dewar 535-093-J5 10LD Taylor-Wharton
ARC12480   Compressor 55k916653 SC CTI-Cryogenics
ARC12481   Thyratron Driver 1668 TM-29 EG&G
ARC12482   Broadband Meter     Trifield
ARC12483 A54949 Power Supply 3/1/9914 CCS06010P100000 Maxwell Technologies
ARC12484 A54950 Reset     Northstar Research
ARC12485   Pulse Generator 10653 DG535 Stanford Research Systems
ARC12486   Turbo Pump   600L/S Leybold
ARC12487   Roughing Pump D8A 898020 Leybold
ARC12488   Roughing Pump D16B 91265-1 Leybold
ARC12489 A53792 Turbo Pump TMP1500 85381 Leybold
ARC12490 A20671/2 Microscope     B&L
ARC12491   Dell Laptop Precision M60 29936739445 Dell
ARC12492   LCD RF Frequency Counter 22-306 Radio Shack
ARC12493   Microwave meter MW1A Universal Enterprises
ARC12494   TR DIP Meter DM-4061 Lodestar Electronic Corporation
ARC12495   Digital Sound Level Meter 33-2055 Radio Shack
ARC12496   FLUKE 12 multimeter 57400060 12 John Fluke MFG. Co. Inc.
ARC12497   SPECTRUM Personal Gas Detector PPM 03 ELMET Corporation
ARC12498   Digital Pressure Meter, Range 30 HG VAC DPG1200 Cooper Instruments & Systems
ARC12499   Capacitance Meter DS NO.6952999 CM-1555 ELENCO
ARC12500   Capacitance Meter CM-1555 ELENCO
ARC12501   Digital Tachometer Model 1726 METEK
ARC12502   Sensor Module with Embedded Microcontroller and RS-232-C Interface HC135-01 51 HAMAMATSU
ARC12503   Adherence Test System SEBASTIAN IV HP
ARC12504   Digital Multimeter 3478A (21111) John Fluke MFG. Co. Inc.
ARC12505   Nanovoltmeter Model 2182 Kethley Instruments Inc.
ARC12506   Ozone Sensor 71946 A-217ZX EcoSensors
ARC12507   Laser Power/ Energy Meter 0139D03 3Sigma Molectron
ARC12508   Power Supply 10888 MF-100PS Advanced Research Instr. Corp
ARC12509   Standard of Spectral Irradiance BJ2775 63345 Oriel
ARC12510   Digital Pressure Meter NA DPG 1200 Cooper Instruments & Systems
ARC12511   Hg UV Lamp 6601229 6035 Spectra Physics
ARC12512   Helium Neon Laser 3810 120 Spectra Physics
ARC12513   Multiwavelength lens 3302 336 Spectra Physics
ARC12514   Deuterium Power Supply 429 68840 Oriel
ARC12515   Transducer 56022-2-1B 501AA MKS
ARC12516   Powersens Probe 028C03 PS19 Molectron
ARC12517   Amplifier 3073 SR445 Stanford Research Systems
ARC12518   Flowmeter 6941 NALL-500PX Hastings
ARC12519   Power Supply 12425 F-100PS Advanced Research Instr. Corp
ARC12520   Multimeter PM576005 PM2525 Philips
ARC12521   Chopper Controller 6804 SR540 Stanford Research Systems
ARC12522   Gaussmeter 20082 7303 Thomas & Skinner
ARC12523   Pump Control Unit 72924 92I0062 Varian
ARC12524   Pyro Optical Pyrometer 23827 The Pirometer Instrument Co., INC.  
ARC12525   Digital Conductivity Meter   Fisher Scientific  
ARC12526   Tesla Coil   BD 10  
ARC12527   Accumet AP Series Handheld pH/mV/Ion Meter AP62 Fisher Scientific  
ARC12528   pH Meter   IQ125 IQ Scientific Instruments
ARC12529   pH meter   IQ120 IQ Scientific Instruments
ARC12530   Hastings Flowmeter H-500M   NALL-500P Teledyne Hastings-Raydist
ARC12531   Triple Beam Balance with Weights 700 Series OHAUS
ARC12532   Autoranging Picoammeter   485 Keithley
ARC12533   Precision Isolation Transformer   1604 BK
ARC12534   J,K,T,E,R,S,N Thermometer 421508 EXTECH Instruments
ARC12535   Low Voltage Power Supply cat#79549 CENCO Instruments Corp.
ARC12536   PM2525 Multimeter PM2525 FLUKE & PHILIPS
ARC12537   3478A Multimeter 2619A48934 HP
ARC12538   Laser Exciter 870 249 Spectra Physics
ARC12539   Pressure/Flowmeter 31402-1 310CA-00010 MKS
ARC12540   Pressure/Flowmeter Display 24202-1 270-A MKS
ARC12541   Universal Gas Transmitter 6562 4600 Gas Plus
ARC12542   Pressure Gauge 943A120V60TRPC 128827417 MKS
ARC12543   Wide Range Vacuum Gauge 970127013 KJL-902056 Kurt J Lesker
ARC12544   Turbo Controller 36020-288R NT 450 Leybold
ARC12545   P600 Power Supply 03819-025 EP12 6000 Fusion Systems
ARC12546   HAL IV RC Interface B00 69/E2356 HAL IV RC Hiden Analytical
ARC12547   LC Meter 8046 130 LC Tektronix
ARC12548   Monochromator Controller 224 1789A-3 McPherson
ARC12549   Low Noise Preamp 57453 SR570 SRS
ARC12550   Scanning Monochromator 645 218 McPherson
ARC12551   HV Power Supply 1758 230 Bertan
ARC12552   Power Energy Meter 1313 13PEM001 Melles Griot
ARC12553   Turbo Pump Controller 98 CFV100 D8525 Alcatel
ARC12554   Turbo Pump K2507-55 MDP5011 Alcatel
ARC12555   Roughing Pump 23024304 MD 1 Vacuubrand
ARC12556   RGA ECU9380 200 SRS
ARC12569 G37822 IBM thinkpad T43 L3-AM912 T43 IBM
ARC12570   Mercury vapor lamp 6047 Oriel
ARC12571   Air Knife 2024 Exair
ARC12572   Ozone Calibrator OG-2 8603130 EcoSensors
ARC12573   Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge 860A 0005 Varian
ARC12574   Potentiometer     Fisher Scientific
ARC12575   SWR/Power meter M-840 Palomar
ARC12592   Pump 91399-2L901101415 D65BCS Leybold
ARC12593 ET4196 Pump 91379-2L981402470 D25BCS Leybold
ARC12595   FTIR 8802236   Nicolet
ARC12596   BNC Distribution Panel 2013 BNC-2090 National Instruments
ARC12597   Power Supply 285149 MDX 500 Advanced Energy
ARC12598   Power Supply 186001 MDX 1.5K Advanced Energy
ARC12599   Power Supply 282496 MDX 500 Advanced Energy
ARC12600   Power Supply 15210 MDX-1K Advanced Energy
ARC12601 635754 Hoist Control   E4102 CSS
ARC12602   Controller for Tube Furnace 899156 58114-P Lindberg
ARC12603   Tube Furnace 899067 55342-4 Lindberg
ARC12604   Printer 11885 ZETA8A Bruning
ARC12605   Spectral Workstation ACD9200116 680 PROC. Nicolet
ARC12606   FTIR 8802487 740 Nicolet
ARC12607   Pump 1102685401 SD-200 Varian
ARC12608   Temperature Indicator 21I51503   Helix
ARC12609   Power Control 861C UA REVL 861C Dec
ARC12610   Pump T5054 E2M18 Edwards