Dektak 3 ST Surface Profiler

Technical Specifications

Vertical Range

100 Ǻ to 1,310KǺ (0.4 microinch to 2.5 mils)

Vertical Resolution

1Ǻ/65KǺ, 10Ǻ,/655KǺ, 20Ǻ/1,310KǺ

Scan Length Range

50 microns to 50 mm (2 mils to 2.5 inches)

Scan Speed Ranges

Low, Medium, High

Scan Time Range

3 seconds to 50 seconds

Software Leveling

Two-point programmable or cursor leveling

Stage Leveling

Manual (motorized with Auto I model)

Stylus (standard)

Diamond, 2.5 micron radius

Stylus Tracking Force

Programmable, 1 mg to 40 mg (0.1-0.4 milliNewton)

Maximum Sample Thickness

45mm (1.5 inches)

Sample Stage Diameter

165mm (6.5 inches)

Sample Stage Translation (from center)

X Axis, m (nches)

Y Axis, -76mm, (-3 inches)

Sample Stage Rotation


Maximum Sample Weight

0.5Kg (1 lb.)

Power Requirements

100/115/200Vac , 50-60Hz, 200Vac

Warm-up Time

15 minutes recommended for maximum stability

Operating Temperature

21 (70°F, )

Zoom Magnification

60X to 420X (motorized with Auto I)


Solid state color video image

Sample Illumination

Variable intensity white light; IR & UV blocked