Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (Tof-SIMS)

tofsimsTof-SIMS is an analytical technique that uses a primary ion beam in an ultrahigh vacuum environment to probe the surface of a solid material.

Tof-SIMS provides spectroscopy for:

  • Characterization of chemical composition
  • Imaging for determining the distribution of chemical species
  • Depth profiling for thin film characterization

Performance Capabilities:

  • One parameter tuning used for insulating samples
  • Library of high mass resolution reference spectra
  • High-speed SIMS imaging setup and acquisition

Analytical Applications:

  • Statistical analysis of trace (ppm) contamination and multiple defects on silicon wafers and magnetion analysis of surface contamination, drug delivery cross-sec media
  • High spatial resolution surface and cross-sectiction samples and failure analysis samples
  • Trace sensitivity for routine problem solving of contamination and defects for failure analysis and ultra-thin films


  • Elemental and molecular fragment analysis during depth profiling
  • Specific compound identification through high mass resolution and mass accuracy
  • Non-destructive analysis of the top monolayer

PHI TRIFT II Time-of-Flight SIMS

Tof-SIMS Analytical Strengths (pdf)

Tof-SIMS Shut Down Procedure

Tof-SIMS Recovery from Power Outage